Microsoft has announced the Xbox One Controller will now work with the Samsung Gear VR headset. Unlike Samsung, makers of virtual reality headset like Oculus and HTC create their own style of controllers.

“We’re so excited to give you the opportunity to use the fan-favorite, new Xbox Wireless Controller on new devices like Gear VR and with popular franchises like Minecraft,” Microsoft stated in their blog.

Xbox One Controller:

Xbox One Controller

Now with the new announcement, people who already own an Xbox won’t have to buy a new device if they want to experience virtual reality with Gear VR. Besides the fact that it saves a hell lot of money, you’d be familiar with the controller’s layout, how it looks and feel in your hand. That’ll save time, it’ll reduce the learning curve and let you do your thing in peace.
Microsoft had previously stated that they are planning on expanding support to third parties in regards to the new Xbox One controllers. The announcement is the first major step towards that.

The company has previously made it clear new Xbox One controllers featured Bluetooth support, connect to computers without having to use a dongle.

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Microsoft has said that the first game to support the Xbox controller on the Gear VR is Minecraft: Gear VR Edition and they have promised that more games (like Herobound, Spirit Champion, Omega Agent, and End Space) are on their way.

“Beyond Minecraft: Gear VR Edition, we’re working hard to make the Xbox Wireless Controller compatible with all controller-supported Gear VR games and future games too. Keep an eye out for more news on the release timing in the coming months.

Once available, all you need to do is update your controller, and you’ll be ready to play,” they said. For folks you want to try out Minecraft immediately they’ll have to u[date both the controller and the app.


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