One day, I will drop the bomb on my grandchildren that there was a time when fruits were eh…just fruit. Apple, BlackBerry and now banana. Dole, the producer of vegetables and fruits, will unveil Dole Wearable Banana on Feb 22nd to cheer up Tokyo marathoners.

Banana, the curved fruit has been a butt of jokes and is also a natural source of nutrition. Thanks to Dole, now it is also an intriguing piece of technology that will help the runners to measure heartbeat, and analyze lap time, all via the skin of Dole Wearable  Banana which is also the world’s first edible wearable!

Dole Wearable Banana:

Dole Wearable Banana

Not just this, if you are there to cheer up the runners, share the message on the social sites and the marathoner can see the message on the peel directly. You can also send cheers to the runners via the official website. And when the race finishes, peel and eat it! If you feel low at some point of your race, it will also suggest you to eat it based on your stats and help you to get a quick recharge. Stay connected and energized, at the same time.

The video uploaded on the official Dole website looks like a spoof and if you are at work, I will suggest not watching it on mute, for there are 100% chances that you will split your sides laughing. However, this video also suggests that the Dole Banana will be a wrist-based wearable (!) and the skin has been peeled off to put the wires and sensors and then joined back.

Dole Wearable Banana Features:

Dole Wearable Banana features

Dole is the sponsor of Tokyo Marathon 2015. Since 2008, it has been the main sponsor of the even where thousands of runners take part. Apart from the wearable banana, the fruit company will also distribute Lakatan and Gokusen bananas to the participants. These bananas are scientifically maneuvered to replenish the energy and help the sportspersons to recover quickly.

As we write this, we also have news of a Japanese firm inventing a wearable dispenser that will feed the runner tomatoes to replenish energy. The wearable dispenser weighs in 8 kgs and needs to be donned as a backpack.

Japan’s largest supplier of tomato ketchup and tomato juice Kagome collaborated with Maywa Denki to come up with the tomato robot, dubbed as Tomatan. And as bizarre as it might turn out to be, this robot is also heading at Tokyo Marathon.


There is also a slimmer and lighter tomato dispenser dubbed as Petit Tomatan, which weighs only 3 kgs. Two sports persons from Kagome will wear the robots to the marathon. Though I still cannot figure out how people can carry all that weight on the shoulders while running? And eating during running? Is not marathon or running all about stamina and strength? While the Wearable Banana will look really amusing on the wrist, the tomato thing is outright crazy.

Since we are just two days away from the actual marathon, I am hoping this is it.

Via Dole, Japan Times


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