Nokia-owned Withings has unveiled their latest smart analogue watch, called the Steel HR. It offers fitness tracking, a heart rate monitor, and smartphone notifications and a stylish metal design to go with it.

It is available in two sizes – 36 millimetres and 40 millimetre. And it’s priced at $179.95 and $199.95, respectively. The wrist watches are backed by a powerful battery 25-day battery life. Arguably the most ambitious watch yet, Withings Steel HR will be available from October. Two big highlights of the watches are the heart rate monitor and smarter screen. We’ll be discussing both below.

Withings Steel HR

Withings Steel HR

According to the press release by Withings: Steel HR can automatically measure continuous heart rate during workouts, average heart rate during the day, and resting heart rate while sleeping, while also offering a dynamic digital screen that displays your overall health data and smartphone notifications.

“Whether you’re an athlete or simply trying to lose a few pounds and get a better handle on your health, knowing your heart rate can help you better understand your overall health and reach your fitness goals,” for all said Cédric Hutchings, VP of Digital Health, Nokia Technologies. “With the wealth of insights it provides and the extended battery life for a health watch of its type, Steel HR truly is the first of its kind.”

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Steel HR also boasts a new dynamic digital screen at the top of the watch face, which displays health data and smartphone notifications. Users can choose the information they would like to be shown on this screen through a multifunctional button on the side of the watch. This button allows users to navigate through data options including calories burned, daily steps, distance, sleep duration and smart alarm, and to receive notifier calls, new emails, texts and event reminders.


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