Withings Scale Vs Fitbit Aria: Fitness is the new serious topic of the modern world. With the increase in awareness towards rising health hazards due to modern lifestyle, people are moving towards healthy workout regime and better food habits.

Amidst all this, the time has also moved towards digitization of most devices. This has greatly influenced the fitness devices too. These devices have not only undergone technological innovations, they are now into connectivity. But fitness is not just restricted to working out.

There are devices that track your fitness meter and body functionality. One such device is Wi-Fi scale. These wonder devices not only track your body weight but come with features to track your fat mass, BMI and much more. So we bring to you the review comparison of two best Wi-Fi scales raging in the market, Withings WS 50 vs Fitbit Aria.

Withings Wi-Fi Scale Vs Fitbit Aria:

Withings Wi-Fi Scale Vs Fitbit Aria


The Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer is a wonder product which provides you with high precision body weight and fat measurements. It is also capable of determining the BMI (Body Mass Index). It is a motivation booster to your daily workout regime.

Just choose the right body type mode to display accurate fat mass measurements. It is easy to sync with via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to your Smartphone with the Health Mate app. It is a perfect partner to motivate your goals towards fitness and gives precise statistics of the relevant fitness factors. here all the Fitbit Black Friday deals

The Fitbit Aria is also our favorite in the Wi-Fi scale segment. This scale is also capable of displaying the BMI and fat mass measurements along with body weight. It has the provision of multiple users as well.

It has a modern and ergonomic design. You can also see the trends your fitness factors through charts and graphs in a more effective manner. It has wireless syncing facility and is compatible with the Fitbit trackers as well.

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So the obvious question arises, that which of these is better? Well we bring to you an in-depth analysis of the features of these two Wi-Fi scales.

Withings Wi-Fi Scale Vs Fitbit Aria Feature Comparison

  • First Impression of device set up

Along with the Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer, there comes a micro USB cable, 4 AAA batteries, user manual and feet for over carpet usage. Hence there is a need to insert the batteries for starting up the device and the USB cable to connect to computer via Wi-Fi.

Though the process is very easy for most people, things might get a bit difficult for the non-technical people in case of Wi-Fi password. The Fitbit Aria on the other hand just comes with the scale itself in the package. The batteries are preinstalled and have a yellow strip of paper in case of any drainage. Hence it becomes incredibly easy to get started with this device.

  • The dashboard outlook

The dashboard section of the account appears when you finish installing both the devices. The Withings dashboard loses some points in this area as the look and feel of the dashboard is quite gloomy.

There is also another downside in this regard. If a person wants to set a second profile as hidden, then you have to select the “Make Independent” option. Also, the initial data set remains in the view section until you completely delete off the profile. There are people who find it awkward, rather uncomfortable to share their body weight.

In that case it might be a bit turn down for them. The Fitbit dashboard on the other side has fresh look and feel altogether. It’s light and modern. You would love to visit it again and again.

  • The Withings and Fitbit Apps

The Withings and Fitbit Apps


Both the devices come in with adjoining applications. The Withings Health Mate app helps you to track your weight, activity, heart and sleep. But sadly, one needs to have other devices to track the last three factors. The initial screen displays the body weight. You can also see the height, fat mass and BMI in the related screen.

You can also see the trend relating to the weight in the form of chart as you tap on the figures. The application also allows you to share your figures through emails or on social networking sites. The Fitbit app, on the other hand, does a great job bringing the similar effects of desktop but on the iPhone or iPad.

The charts on this app are pretty easy to understand. It also gives trend comparisons like Lean Vs fat and BMI. There are in addition other statistics available.

  • Access to third-party applications

In this front both the devices, allow the data sharing with popular selection of weight loosing applications over iPhone or iPad. The Fitbit has a list of at least twenty different applications which can analyze weight management factors.

The Fitbit website also allows you to track dietary consumption, water drinking and much more. If you want something more, then you can switch over to other popular applications effortlessly, as it has collaboration with over 60 partners. Similar goes for WIthings.

  • Basic structure and functions

The Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer has a larger glass surface area that the Fitbit Aria. In this regard it stays ahead of Fitbit. The built of Withings is also quite strong and provides good stability. The back of the device it made of metal.

It has a contrast display on a black background. The Fitbit Aria, on the other hand, has a complete different structure. The display is bright blue with black figures. After the initial information is displayed, there is an indicator which shows that the information has been uploaded.

There is also the readout facility present. The weighing surface is smaller in contrast to its competitor. If you look in to the backside of the scale, you will find a bubble design which is made of plastic.

Conclusion and Verdict:

Both, Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer and Fitbit Aria do justice to the purpose of bodyweight management and other related areas. But there are two major pointers to look at while picking one. Firstly, the price of Withings is in the range of USD 160 to 165 and Fitbit Aria lies in the USD 130 to 135 ranges.

Both are available on Amazon. If you are looking for something from the hardware point, then the Withings is definitely a better choice. Its design and feel is sure to last long and hence it also justifies the price gap. But, if you are looking for something that is just usable out of the box, rather user-friendly, then Fitbit Aria will serve the purpose.

But in the end, it is good to remember, that both products are excellent and mostly walk neck to neck in competition. So hopefully this comparison between Withings Wi-Fi Scale vs Fitbit Aria has helped you a lot. So make up your mind today and but the device you think is the best.


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