In the genre of smartwatch, Apple’s smartwatch and Moto 360 are the staunch competitors of the year 2015. These two were not released in the same time period. Yet due to the popularity of Moto 360 2nd generation and the advanced feature of Apple smartwatch, these two have turned out as rivals.

Moto 360 2nd Generation & Apple Watch:

Moto 360 2nd Generation & Apple Watch


While Apple smartwatch can be synced with only iOS run device, Moto 360 2nd generation is compatible with all gadgets which are run on Android platform. Both these smartwatches have extremely cool features, so here is quick comparison of the features of these two gadgets that will help us to understand which one is better.

Moto 360 2nd Generation or Apple Watch: Processor

Moto 360 2nd Generation or Apple Watch: Processor


The Moto 360 2nd generation is powered by quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor which is being supported by a Adreno 305 graphics. This smartwatch has internal memory of 4GB and 512MB RAM for supporting the processor. This smartwatch has WiFi support. Two variants of this smartwatch come with two different batteries i.e. 300 mAh and 400 mAh battery.

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On the other hand Apple Watch is powered by Apple’s S1 processor which is supported by PowerVR SGX543 graphics. Both watches have the same 512 RAM. However, this watch comes with 8GB internal memory and has as many as three connectivity options i.e. NFC, Wifi and Bluetooth 4.0.

Moto 360 2nd Generation VS Apple Watch : Looks

Moto 360 comes with three color options i.e. gold, silver and black. There is a special Gold Edition of this watch for which we buyers have to spare $30 extra and if you want to buy a stainless steel gold strap, then you have to pay $50 extra.

As far as the display of the watch is concerned, it is available in three different varieties of material i.e. silicon, rubber and stainless steel and two different sizes. Moto 360 2nd generation for female comes with a screen size of 1.37 inch and the one for men has a screen size of 1.56 inch.

The display of Apple watch is rectangular in shape and there are two variants in the display size. The bigger display has a 1.65 inch screen and smaller one has 1.5 inch display screen. The rectangular display is enclosed within a gold or aluminum case and there is a button on the side of the watch.

This button is used for interacting with the gadget. All the Apple watch comes with the same strap, but other bands manufactured by third party developers are available to users.

Moto 360 2 VS Apple Watch: Price

Moto 360 2 VS Apple Watch: Price


As far as the price of this two gadgets are concerned, then definitely Moto 360 2nd generation is an economic option. The basic model of Moto 360 and Apple watch is $299 and $349 respectively. Higher end model of Moto 360 is worth $429 and that of Apple watch is as high as $10,000.


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