While we were talking about much-speculated Microsoft Smartwatch here, the debutante smartwear from the tech giant is going to be a band, after all. Though, it appeared as just an “accident” that the flagship wearable Microsoft band appeared on the Mac and Android app store but now it seems that it was not unintentional at all.

Microsoft Band Released Today

According to the listings available at Windows Phone and iTunes and Google Play Store, this Microsoft band looks much closer to the Nike FuelBand and the latest Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit in terms of appearance and some of the health-based specs. Those who are not aware of Nike’s FuelBand should know that it is a band that tracks / monitors your health data as well as can be customized in accordance with fitness schedule.

What is going on inside this Microsoft Band?

As Microsoft Band is also on the same lines of FuelBand, expect it to monitor the number of calories burned, heartbeat and track number of steps covered. Along with this, some websites have also attributed the Microsoft band to track sleep patterns.

Smartphone notification support is also sported by the band which covers email messages, setting reminders, taking of notes, text message, social media alerts, weather updates, stock information and received phone calls notification. The band will use location of the users for weather updates. As per the description on Microsoft’s official website, the band will display a series of message regarding a notification which will be deleted automatically as new messages keep coming. This notification pattern can be customized by going to “Manage Tiles” option and via Microsoft Health app.

The integration with Cortana will help users to interact with the band and set reminders or take notes verbally. Since Cortana is a Windows-exclusive feature, we doubt if it is going to be available on all devices.

Packing in the powerful punch of 10 sensors, this band is also reported to track UV exposure and stress level, which can be a boon to people who need some immediate attention to their health. This device can alert people to seek medical assistance on an urgent basis by tracking their stress level and heartbeat pattern.

With one single charge, the band can last up to 48 hours. The band’s operating system is not yet revealed but we have a tip that it may let you pay for a coffee at Starbucks in advance via Starbucks card slot. The 132 colored background can also liven up your otherwise monotonous fitness regime and may push you a bit further to your fitness goals.

Like Google Kit and Apple HealthKit, this band also features a resolution display of 310 x 102. With the strong backup of Microsoft Health service, it syncs and stores the data. As we expected here, it is a cross-platform device and is compatible with Windows, iOS and Android devices. However, we need to wait and watch if the likes of Apple and Samsung will also add up a compatibility feature for Microsoft Band in their upcoming devices as this will help the American multinational to sync the data faster through its backend. As of now, it is very unlikely because the OEMs are gearing up for their own entries in smartwear segment. While Samsung has a failed Samsung Galaxy Gear to its credit, Apple is planning its Apple Watch, a smartwear relying heavily on it+s health features. So, how the Microsoft Band will fare in this too much “‘health-conscious” category, only time will tell us.

Availability and Price

As we write this, Microsoft has confirmed that its flagship smartwear device will be available from October, 30th at the price point of $199. It is to be noted that the smartwear device will be available in limited numbers via both online and retail stores of Microsoft in the U.S. only.

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As you are reading this, many people have already had a head start on their fitness goals as they attend the fitness activities that take place today across Microsoft stores in the U.S. as the main launching event of Microsoft Band. Twitter and Facebook Page invites were also sent to create noise on social media by urging prospective users to get fit before the biggest candy eating holidays.


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