Dear worried parents and caretakers, add one more wearable to the list that aims to ease your worries regarding your kids’ whereabouts a bit. Mediatek, the Chinese OEM, better known for the smartphone processors it makes. It has collaborated with the Chinese shoemaker 361 to give you 361 smart shoe for the kids.

The footwear is powered by the Mediatek Aster processor, GPS chip and 4MB RAM. All this technology is hidden in the heel of the shoe and you or your kid won’t be able to figure the difference between an ordinary pair of shoes and the smart connected one.

361 Smart Shoe:

361 Smart Shoe

The shoe connects via the companion app and transmits the location on the phone. While it gets difficult to make your kids understand the importance of GPS-enabled wrist bands. The shoes are the integral part of everyday routine.

The concept has possibilities. The idea of smart footwear can be expanded for the benefit of senior citizen as suggested by CNET. Geo-fencing the boundaries to create an alert whenever your kid exits or enters the safe zone can also be added.  However, there has been no information on how Mediatek or 361 plans to secure the GPS data as the information regarding the whereabouts or daily routine of your kid should be safe and encrypted.


The ‘361 smart shoe’ will be available in China only for 500 yuan. The 520mAh battery is expected to last about two-three days and can be charged wirelessly via the charging pad.


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