Valve VR Hardware: Dubbed as SteamVR, the VR hardware will be showcased at the annual GDC. It is to be noted that the much-liked online game marketplace, Steam is the property of Valve Software.

The company has been dubious with its plans of entering into the VR but now when we are finally hearing about it. It would like to bank on its expertise in gaming arena to create a system that could stand apart and give users a phenomenal experience. Which will be at par with the likes of Samsung VR headset and Oculus Rift. This Seattle gaming company has also invited the game developers to sign up with the company and create content specifically with VR in mind.

Valve VR Hardware:

Valve VR Hardware

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This decision of the company to create VR hardware of its own will give the game makers a chance to create more content. Moreover, this user-generated content will also help the OEM to channelize and enhance the new VR technology called SteamOS. Which will also be taking a center stage at the event.

This Linux-based SteamOS was launched last year in September 2013 with an aim to revolutionize console gaming. However, the company remained silent after that. This new OS provides users with custom controller.

To make such customization happen to this extent, Valve had collaborated with several game makers and even shipped the first prototype to the 300 gamers who registered for Beta phase but then abruptly it stalled the release for indefinite time.

Meanwhile, the absence of the company at CES 2015 was also conspicuous. It also decided to give a miss to developers’ conference in January 2014 which was organized to discuss Steam and its impact specifically.

Valve VR Hardware Features:

Valve VR Hardware features

This OS is designed exclusively for gamers to enhance the gaming experience. Along with this, the company will also be launching Steam Machines, which are console-style devices built around your everyday life.

You can put these consoles in your living room and get back to gaming as soon as you are done with your corporate avatar. The company will give demos for its pre-existing product line such as Stream Controller. Which now has been refined to provide more engaging and interactive experience to gamers.

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GDC is going to be very VR-centered this year. Apart from Valve SteamVR, we are expecting Sony to showcase its Project Morpheus. Both Sony and Oculus are the diamond partners of the exhibit.


We can also see some concrete details on as and when the VR technology by these companies will be available for all and not limited to just Beta phase or as dev kit. So, no wonder that it is going to be big and can lay the foundation for the future of Virtual Reality.

As of now, Valve dropping cues for the new VR headset and OS just ahead of big industry events looks promising and in favor of the company.



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