VR headset:  Weararena told you about Valve VR headset and that the gaming company is going all out to create the right noise after the long hiatus. At MWC 2015, this headset announce by HTC. Both the tech giants have collaborated together to give the VR realm a major push. The VR headset will also feature at the GDC where developers can get a chance to test the technique.  There is also a dev edition that might be available by this spring.

VR Headset: HTC Vive

VR headset, HTC Vive
The headset looks awkward a bit and is bigger than Oculus. Though it is lightweight and you can wear it for long time without feeling bogged down with the weight of it. It uses two displays of 1200×1080 that can spin 90 frames per second.

These displays work hand-in-hand to eliminate blurriness which often results when you project the imagery virtually. According to the HTC, it is the first VR headset that utilizes photorealistic imagery and full room-scale experience by letting you interact with the ambience as well as explore every angle of virtual space. While the dev edition has headphone jacks, the consumer version of HTC Vive is expected to come with an integrated audio console.

The device utilizes sensors like accelerometer, gyrosensor and laser pointer to track head movement by the one-tenth of a degree. The HTC Vive does not aim to just stay limited to gaming but looks forward to widen its compatibility with the content played by the likes of HBO, Google and Lionsgate.


If this happens, the VR technology will finally leave the runway lanes of developers and enter into the street where you will be able to use it to virtually enhance your experience of history, memories, and real-time concerts.
Via The Verge


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