Do you feel that in order to grasp things in better way, you should be under the constant care and attention of your mentor, regardless of the time and distance? Well, for people who feel the need of guidance of their mentor or instructor at each step, Akarsh Sanghi of Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design has engineered a smartphone-controlled wearable device that can be worn on shoulder.

This device consists of very basic tools such as laser pointer, camera and microphone. Using these, the instructor can connect to the learner despite the distance and micromanage his work.

Shoulder Wearable: Grasp

Shoulder Wearable Grasp

This will be like having your mentor in the same physical space and manage your work in real-time. With the camera, the mentor becomes aware of the learner’s surroundings and can pin-point with the laser beam. The device needs to be sported on shoulder via a shoulder clasp.

This does sound weird having someone looking over your shoulder and being extremely wary of your every step. The idea of having a person stalking every move of mine, whether it is related to professional scenario or personal one, freaks me out.

However, this technology can work amazingly well for children and people, who need special care and attention from the caretakers and parents. Children with ADHD and patient suffering from various personality disorders, who need to be in constant care, can benefit from this shoulder wearable and channelize their energies in learning stuff by overcoming the boundaries of distance.

This device can also aid in real-time remote teaching. Third-world countries, which are still facing an overwhelming challenge to educate the kids in remote areas, can make use of this teaching wearable, Grasp.

A dedicated teacher or volunteer sitting in a metropolitan city can teach the group-based and sitting in a village and make a difference. We do not know if it is even possible to have a device perching on the shoulder like this for an hour or so. The weight aspect can break or make the deal here.


As of now, we could not find any information on the release, price, and availability of shoulder-based wearable on the official website of Sanghi except for some sketches and prototype detailing. Also, we are even not sure if it will ever come out of the prototype phase and see the light of the day. But the idea has potential and it can be developed to change the education scenario all over the world.
Via Akarsh Sanghi


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