Smartphones have rocked the world and now it’s the turn of smartwatches to create a sensation in the world with its versatile utility. Pebble is one of the best smartwatch selling brands in the global market to which the entire world owes a lot as it has played an important role in popularizing smartwatches in the global market. This brand name has not only gained popularity because of its diverse range of smartwatch, but also because of the constant innovations that it has brought about with each and every new product. The latest range of Pebble smartwatch has a new feature, i.e. if you have a craving for pizza suddenly, then your Pebble smartwatch can take the order.
With Pebble’s new range of smartwatch, your favorite Domino’s Pizza is at your beck and call. You can place the order directly from your Pebble smartwatch along with your favorite toppings. In Pebble watch you will find the Domino’s Pizza Pebble app that will help you place the order along with your favorite toppings, bake and thereafter get it delivered at your address within half an hour. So next time you have a craving for pizza just tell your Pebble smartwatch to take order and get it deliver as soon as possible. Though the Domino’s Pizza Pebble app is free, but you definitely have to shell out money for the pizza that’s coming your way. But who knows Pebble users might get good discounts and offers on every purchase they make. So install the app now and make the best use of it.
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Along with the new app, Pebble also launched a series of innovative add-ons that users are surely going to enjoy. A number of new faces have been introduced along with a number of exciting games that the users would definitely love. Pebble users would be really happy with the faces as they are the equivalent of desktop that beautifies your computer screen. Now you will have the option of personalizing your smartwatch so as to make it totally yours. The interesting video games will also entice you, but make sure you have enough energy to keep on indulging in these.
We are sure that Pebble is going to come up with newer and much more interesting apps compatible with the smartwatch. So keep yourself updated so that you can make the maximum use of your Pebble watch.


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