Meet the world’s smallest drone. Wallet Drone. This stylish and ultra-compact quadcopter comes with an equally compat controller and docking station that can fit into the back pocket of your jeans.

As they say, great things come in small sizes, you still enjoy the full-flight mechanics with this tiny quadcopter that is barely 4 cm. The patent-pending design allows the drone to charge (with 4AA batteries, not included in the box) while it is docked.

The World’s Smallest Drone, Wallet Drone:

The Wallet Drone features 3 pre-programmed speeds and with a 20-minute charge. The UAV is expected to give you 5 to 7 minutes of flight time.

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The drone packs in 6-axis gyro statibilization features to keep it balanced in the air. The yaw rotates 360 degree, providing users with adjustment orientation. Also, pre=programmed is the trick-mode algorithm that lets it do the amazing flips and rolls. For night flights and orientation, you can take help of drone’s LED lights.

The Wallet Drone tackles the most crucial aspects of UAVs. Now users can charge it on-the-go, without wires and USB and they don’t have to carry those bulky cases with drones as well. With this, you can make your drones fly anywhere you want to! Except for the public parks if you are in Japan.

If you park somewhere, you can also charge the drone with USB cable that comes in the box. The box includes assembled drones that with a 15 min charge is ready to fly. Also included are 2.4 GHz remote controller/docking station, USB cable and a pair of spare blades.

Availability and Wallet Drone Price:

Availability and Wallet Drone Price

Wallet Drone is developed by Axis Drones and it is the second time that the team has taken to Indiegogo to fund its drone dreams. Initially it was Axis Nano Drone for Beginners. It is available in four color options, green, orange, blue and yellow. You can back the project here and avail backers’ perks. Shipping is estimated in July.


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