The Fitbit Fret collection is the makeover of ordinary and the girl next door, Fitbit Flex into a super chic and sassy accessory. With this, you can wear it to parties and at work. While this transformation doesn’t dilute the fitness tracking aspect of the Fitbit Flex, it does change both the glam and game quotient of Fitbit Flex entirely.

Now, it may not go well down with your jogging shorts or track pants as you may have to team it up with the jumpsuits, boho dress or chinos. The signature decorative and open fretwork of Tory Burch is the reason behind its name.

Tory Burch – Fitbit Fret:

Tory Burch - Fitbit Fret


You can sport Fitbit Fret as a smart jewelry wrist band and pendant too. But apparently, you need to buy a Flex first. Apart from the stainless steel and metal range of Tory Burch-Fitbit, the gallery also showcases silicone printed bracelets.

The Fitbit Fret bracelet is available in three colors namely gold, silver and rose-gold for $195. The pendant collection is also offeres in all these three versions and at a bit cheaper price of $175.

The silicone bands have three design variants which are tory navy, fuchsia and amore print. These are quite cheaper and you can own one at just $38. These Tory Burch-Fitbit bands are unisex but given that the Fitbit Flex gets retouched and plated with gold, many women are going to dig it.

And this is sure a good sign for wearable makers who are looking to extend the footprints beyond geeks and early adopters, who are usually males.

To secure the wristband into Tory Burch design, you need to align the Fitbit band with the two holes that fit your wrist. Squeeze the clasp until you hear a click, which implies proper insertion.


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