Wearables or technology-based fitness trackers are quite popular these days. The Fitness Trackers are helpful for tracking certain fitness statistics such as numbers of steps taken, calories burned, heartbeat and sleep duration.

Brands like Jawbone, Misfit, Fitbit, Garmin and others have already flourishing their business into this segment with their product line which caters to certain specified needs. Currently, there are thousands of fitness trackers and wearables are available in the market.

So to reduce your searching labour we have here made a list of 15 best fitness trackers of 2019 which are topping the charts in recent times. Check out the fitness Trackers black friday deals

Best Fitness Trackers Reviews 2019

1. Withings Activité

Withings Activité

Withings Activité, one of the best fitness trackers, tops our charts of the best fitness tracker 2019 with its functionality and elegance. It perfectly records the number of steps, distance covered and calories reduced.

The wearable is capable of identifying between running and swimming automatically. It is waterproof till the depth of 50 meters and functions accurately till that underwater level. The product is Swiss made and hence is the perfect example of precision and longer duration accuracy.

It provides 8 months of battery life without charging. The wearable looks like an elegant analogue watch which can go perfectly will with your workouts and professional look. It is available in stylish black and brown palate options. The price of the product is in the range of USD 440 to 450 in Amazon.

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2. Fitbit Surge: Best Fitness Trackers with Heart rate Monitor

Fitbit Surge : Best Fitness Trackers with Heart rate Monitor

The main utility of this fitness tracker is the efficient tracking of the heart rate during all day long activities. It includes a GPS system for running and cycling which is completely functional even at the gym. This, one of the best fitness tracker of 2019 is capable of monitoring the sleeping duration and wakes you up with a silent alarm. The product provides the overall physical fitness monitoring effectively. It also doubles up as a super watch as it allows you to see the call and text notifications in its crystal clear OLED screen. It can sync with a wide variety of smartphones and systems wirelessly and provide the statistics. The product price is in the range of USD 250 to 260 in Amazon. (Fitbit Surge black friday deals)

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3. Swarovski Shine: Best fitness Trackers for Women

Swarovski Shine

If you have a weakness for bling, Swarovski Shine is the ultimate ladies fitness tracker for you. It is the latest addition from CES 2016. The wearable is the joint venture of Misfit and Swarovski. This women fitness tracker is hidden behind a fashionable and elegant Swarovski crystal. There is the provision for a sporty strap and the one with high fashion crystals. The wearable is laden with all the updated features of a fitness tracker from activity tracking to calorie reduction monitoring. The product is available in the Misfit website at variable prices ranging from USD 200 to 250. There are various styles avaialble of this wearable.

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4. Garmin Vivoactive: Best Fitness Tracker for iPhone

Garmin Vivoactive

This product by Garmin is an amalgamation of various applications and activities. It includes GPS-enabled activities like running, golfing, biking and swimming monitor. The wearable is capable of generating alerts for incoming calls, text notifications, social media notifications and much more by pairing up with your smartphone.

The high-resolution display is ultra-thin and can be easily visible in sunlight. The battery life of the product is three weeks during activities or supports usage up to 10 hours using GPS3. The product is available with or without heart rate monitor. The fitness tracker is available on Amazon in two colour options. The price range of the product with heart rate monitor is USD 240 to 250 and without the monitor is USD 195 to 210.

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5. Garmin Swim:

Garmin Swim

Garmin Swim, again one of the top fitness trackers of 2019 is the perfect solution for the swimmers. For quite some time, there was a struggle with the swimming fitness trackers which could be equally waterproof. This product provides a perfect solution for both.

It is capable of monitoring the stroke count, stroke type and distance covered with five ATM protections. The wearable uses ANT to upload the stats to Garmin Connect for further analysis.

It comes with approximately 12 months of battery life which is a coin cell battery CR 2032 and is easily replaceable by the user. The product is available in blue and black colour options. The price of the product is in the range of USD 150 to 160 in Amazon.

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6. Jawbone UP3:

Jawbone UP3

This fitness tracker by Jawbone has multiple functionalities. It provides the allround statistics of activities like the number of steps taken, calories burned and distance travelled.

It is also capable of tracking the sleep duration and quality of sleep automatically. There is a provision of tracking the choice of food and drinks along with the calorie intake. The fitness tracker is capable of giving insights into the daily activity chart and food habits for keeping the fitness regime on the go. Jawbone UP 3 is available in three colour options, black, silver and red in Amazon at a price range of USD 150 to 160.

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7. Fitbit Charge HR: Best Fitness Tracker for Yoga

Fitbit Charge HR

This wearable can be aptly termed as a complete fitness tracker. The Fitbit Charge HR, awarded as one of the best wearables of 2019, is capable of constant heartbeat recording and provides precise feedback on the calorie burn out and activity check.

The tracker has an OLED screen which provides a clearer view of day to day statistics and caller ID of smartphone. The tracker is capable of monitoring steps, sleep duration, heart rate during workout sessions and heart rate while resting. It has the capability to sync to various smartphones and systems for displaying the stats.

The device comes in three different sizes and multiple colour options. The product is available on Amazon within the price range of USD 140 to 150 with the option of one and two years of protection. It is currently the number 1 bestseller in the corresponding website segment.

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8. Garmin Vívofit 2:

Garmin Vívofit 2

This product from the house of Garmin comes with a unique move bar which indicates you to stay active throughout the day. Alarm sound off when one is idle for an hour. There are additional segments which activate at 15 minutes of inactivity.

There is backlight display which enables to view the statistics in the dark. The fitness tracker is capable of syncing with paired systems at three pre-determined times during the day. It has a battery life of more than 1 year in the turned on condition.

The wearable is available in two variants: with and without heart rate monitor. Garmin Vivofit 2 is available in four colour options on Amazon in the price range of USD 130 to 140.

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9. Garmin Vivosmart:

Garmin Vivosmart

This wearable is paired with heart rate monitor, speed sensor or VIRB Elite action camera. Regarded as one of the best fitness trackers, Garmin Vivosmart is a complete package of fitness tracker which monitors activities and has the ability to sync to your mobile at particular strategic timings.

There is a hidden OLED screen which can be activated by double-tapping. It efficiently monitors and alerts through vibrations during text notifications, incoming calls and much more. There are five attractive colour options to choose from along with size options. The price of the product is in the range of USD 100 to 110 in Amazon.

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10. Misfit Shine:

Misfit Shine

This wearable specializes in sleep tracking feature. It can track the detailed pattern of sleep density. Other features include various activity tracking. The battery is replaceable and runs for approximately six months.

The light profile is subtle so that it can be comfortably worn at night. Various color options are available for the product. The price of the wearable is in USD 70 to 80 range in Amazon.

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11. Runtastic Orbit:

Runtastic Orbit

It is probably the best wearable of 2019 in the waterproof fitness tracker segment in terms of underwater workability. Runtastic Orbit can function up to the depth of 300 feet. It is efficient in tracking fitness activities, sleep duration and pattern.

The device comes in with the Runtastic app. The fitness activities are monitored via Orbit Connect feature. The device compatibility has been augmented by the presence of Runtastic Me app and greater Runtastic Ecosystem. Available in blue and black versions, the price lies between USD 70 to 80 in Amazon.

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12. Polar Loop Activity Tracker:

Polar Loop Activity Tracker

This wearable caters to the need of swimmers. It is waterproof and is functional till the depth of 20 meters. It performs as a complete fitness tracker and is also capable of tracking sleeping patterns.

The wearable is ideal to take out in the pool. The battery is rechargeable and the can be used for five days at a stretch. The display is supported with 85 LED lights for better visual. It offers proper help and motivation towards goal achievement. The price of the device varies with the colour option and lies within USD 60 to 70 range in Amazon.

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13. Moov: Best waterproof Fitness Tracker

waterproof Fitness Tracker

This product is the best wearable for the runners. This device is powered by a 9-axis motion sensor, which is mostly found the latest military-grade and gaming technology. One of the best fitness trackers of the year helps in tracking the most precise movements.

The fitness tracker in loaded with latest iOS and android application like Run & Walk, Swimming, Cycling (ideal for triathletes), Cardio Boxing (iOS only) and 7 Minute+ Body Workout. The 7 Minute+ provides real-time audio coaching during physical activities such as running, cycling, cardio boxing, and body weight.

The design of the product is user-friendly as it can be worn on wrist or ankle. In case of Cardio Boxing, two Moov wearables can be used for tracking the individual hits. It is a versatile product for the serious athletes which monitors the tendencies and activities, tracks the day to day progress, advises on the better outcome of activities and keeps you motivated for reaching the fitness targets. The product is priced at USD 50 to 60 in Amazon.

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14. Jawbone UP Move

Jawbone UP Move

If you are not a big fan of wearing a fitness tracker on your wrist then Jawbone has the right product for you. Jawbone UP Move is a clip to fit fitness tracker. The product is capable of tracking various activities at the touch of a button.

It performs the basic functionalists as well and is proficient in connecting with your dear ones for reaching out to fitness goals. The device is compatible with iOS and Android. It functions well with Jawbone UP smartphone app and the installation comes free of charge. Available in four eye-catching colours, the price lies between USD 45 to 55 in Amazon.

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15. Misfit Flash:

Misfit Flash

Misfit Flash is available as a bracelet wearable and with many vibrant colour options. It keeps track of the burning calories, sleeping pattern and duration and informs the progress through a series of 12 LED lights. It can be easily operated by a smart button.

The device syncs with the companion app to transfer information. It is capable of storing 30 days of data related to fitness. It is water-resistant and works underwater till the depth of 30 meters. The product is priced in the range of USD 20 to 30.

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Currently, these wearables are the best in class in the segment. Different devices cater to different needs. So, from the list of best fitness tracker 2019, it is recommended to choose your favourite keeping in mind the usage pattern and budget. These best fitness trackers perform well in their respective fortes.


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