Christmas is two months away. If you are a tech enthusiast and want to give your loved one a Smartwatch as Christmas gift, this is the best time. The market is ripe with Smartwatches. Choosing a value-for-money Smartwatch could be difficult however because the unlimited choices could blur your judgement.

We understand that and would like to help you so you could make the best choice. In this article, we’ll discuss some trendiest Smartwatches. Once you go through the pros and cons of each of them, it’ll be easy for you to make your mind as to which one of them is to shell out money for

Our list of top 10 Smartwatches begins with

  • R-watch M26 Smart Watches

It is a trendy Smartwatch with LED Bluetooth and has interesting features such as dialpad, SMS reminder, music player, call answer, Passometer, anti-lost tracking feature. For branded Smartphones like HTC and Samsung, R-watch M26 Smartwatch comes with Thermometer function. Users can sync nearly 1000 phonebook, 10 text messages and 200 call logs. When it comes to apps, WeChat, Calendar events and CNN are some that can be synced.

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  • Motorola Moto 360

The watch has an impressive design. Performance wise, it is one of the top Smartwatches in the market. The battery lasts for only a day, so don’t forget to carry your charger along. The watch is compatible with any Android device that runs Android 4.3 or higher version. Its downsides are that its voice recognition malfunctions and it’s a bit costly ($249.99).

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  • Samsung Gear Fit

It has plenty of benefits.The first is its look. Its rounded appearance carries a very techie type of look. Priced at $199.99, Samsung Gear Fit is cheaper than Motorola Moto 360. The device functions as fitness tracker; it supports bicycling and records the amount of sleep. On the flip side, its touchscreen is too sensitive and battery life isn’t too impressive.

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  • Sony SmartWatch 2

The Smartwatch costs $199.99. Its design and display are both appreciable. If you are a tech enthusiast and searching for a companion for your Sony Smartphone/Tablet, Sony Smartwatch 2 could be your pick. It is also very comfortable to wear and a Power/Wake button in the right edge of the face. On the left side you could find the port for microUSB charger.

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  • Pebble Steel Smartwatch

The 1.26 inch display of the Smartwatch is made of Gorilla Glass, so extra durability is an added advantage. The Smartwatch runs on the company’s flagship OS. To connect it to iOS and Android. The downside of the device is its high cost ($249).

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  • LG G Watch R

The device was showcased at the September 4 IFA event. The Smartwatch has round display and it looks like a normal wristwatch. The bright touch screen is quite sensitive, making it easy for users to perform tasks. The OLED display is sized 1.3 inch. Since made by LG, the Smartwatch relies on Android Smartphones to send alerts and comes with many strap options.

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  • U Watch U8 Smartwatch

The Smartwatch has bluetooth along with dialpad, ring reminder, music player (with bluetooth sync), altitude meter, answer key, stopwatch and plenty of other exciting features. The device comes with three different color options Ivory, Rose red, Piano Black. It costs only $36.89, thus you won’t feel the bite in your wallet.

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  • ZGPAX S15 Bluetooth Camera Watch

The bluetooth camera enabled Smartwatch comes with anti-lost finder for phones

audio player, SMS call history and remote control. It has a 1.54 inches capacitive display and 0.3MP camera. The 8GB memory stick is a wonderful addition. You can sync a multitude of apps like SMS, music, E-mail, Facebook, twitter, weather, Skype and many more. Despite having so many features, the Smartwatch costs only $67.56.

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  • Samsung Gear 2

This is the second Samsung product, added to the list. Its $274.94 price tag makes sense if you consider its display, gear manager app, watch interface, design and features. Features like heart-rate monitor, pedometer and sleep monitor are very useful. The S Voice Command enables users to control the watch through voice. Albeit a bit expensive, Samsung Gear 2 is undoubtedly an excellent gift for Christmas.

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  • Apple Watch

Everything was skittish inside Pandora’s Box except Hope. That’s what we’re left with when it comes to Apple iWatch. The device was expected to release in Sep-Oct 2014. Apple however, has deferred the release. Who knows may be for good? May be Apple will bring iWatch just before the Christmas. The feature-rich iOS 8 and its HealthKit app are custom made for health and fitness related reasons. Rumors on iWatch speak volume about the device’s monitoring and recording features. The iOS 8-iWatch combo will be something to wait for.

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A Smartwatch is the most productive and useful of all wearable tech gadgets. It suits adults as well as kids. There can’t be a better Christmas gifts than a Smartwatch. After going through the above list of 10 Smartwatches, it will be easy for you to pick one. Do not forget to check best christmas gifts for 2018


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