Best Smartwatches for kids: Smartwatches are not only to solve the purpose of fashion trends but it can be helpful for the safety point of view for your kids. These smartwatches will let you stay connected with your children 24/7 when your children are not around for many hours. It is designed in a way to track your children.

So what features you will check before you buy a smartwatch for your kids? Well, assessing plenty of kids smartwatch we finally came to this conclusion that you should check whether the smartwatch comes with GPS, GSM or both the features. Another important aspect is whether wearable includes a camera or not. Apart from these, you should keep in your mind your child’s age, his/her interests, personality and his or her activities.

So, keeping in mind these aspects here we are presenting the list of the top smartwatches  for kids with its features so that every minute detail will make you more aware about every watches. See below:

Best Smartwatches for kids 2020

Best Smartwatches for kids

1. The Vtech Kidizoom

The Vtech Kidizoom

This smartwatch is for the age group between 6 to 12. Its 1.4 inch color touchscreen display will be more comfortable for the children to use. It has a 20 watchfaces. With the help of USB port, parents and children can transfer videos and photos to your PC. Kidizoom supports camera, video recording, voice recorder and three games for the kids.

Kidizoom price is $53.88 and it is available in the market from August 2014.

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2. The Tinitell Watch

The Tinitell Watch

Tintell is designed with the purpose to maintain the communication between parents and children. Both can call to each other in urgent. It has a facility of integrated GPS for the convenient of parents when they need to track the location where their kids are currently.

Battery backup can last until sixty minutes or also 7 days in standby. IP57 dust exterior and water-resistant quality will protect your watch from being damage by kids.

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3. FiLIP Smartwatch for kids

FiLIP Smartwatch for kids

Its feature is almost like Tinitell watch. However, in the FiLIP one can text messages which is one-way feature. Parents can have a benefit of one press for accessing all features with the help of companion app for Android.

It is available currently in different colors at the cost of $ 149.99.

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4. The LG KizON

The LG KizON

LG KizON is for the small kids. It also has WiFi and GPS. Parents can manage location reminder with the help of app. The best thing is that parents can call the watch while the kids can call them with the predetermined numbers.

No price is yet finalized but KizON is about to release recently.

5. Leapfrog Leapband

Leapfrog Leapband

The Leapband is for the kids of 4 to 7 years. This watch does not support voice calling and GPS tracking. It has activity tracker, which evaluate good habits in kids by playing fun game, which is educational also. This watch can sort out your obesity problem also. Kids can avail the facility of choosing the eight pets from robot, dragon, unicorn and many more.

Leap band’s price is comparatively low i.e worth $ 39.99.

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6. Kidswatcher


Kidswatcher is for children like 5 to 10 years. This watch has GPS and GSM. It can track your children’s location when your children is in basement or somewhere network is not reachable.

7. The Moff Smartwatch

The Moff Smartwatch

The Moff has no tracking features. Even though its style and outlook will be attraction for the kids. It has a sound effect so kids can play it like a guitar. Through the companion app, the band can be connected with smartphones.

No launching date is yet finalized and Moff will be costing around $49.

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8. The HereO Tracking Watch

The HereO Tracking Watch

The HereO Tracking watch is similar to the features of Kidswatcher. It has a look of normal digital watch and like a kid’s toy. GPS can track up to 72 hours. It has panic alert, which will send a location to your pre-determined contacts of your kith and kin.

Its price is around $149 and now available for the users.



DokiWatch is the ultimate solution for safety-conscious parents. The DokiWatch comes with a  built-in 2MP camera and a fully-integrated video calling feature. Apart from that, this kids smartwatch also features a smart locator which combining with the powers of GSM, GPS, and Wi-Fi technology helps to locate your children both outdoors and indoors.

Moreover, the smartwatch allows the parents to set up AlertAreas, the areas parents consider as safe zones. When the kid crosses AlertAreas, the parents get an alert on their smartphones through the Doki App.

DokiWatch also helps to keep child fit through its fitness program for kids. There is a Class Mode installed in the wearable through which you can remotely monitor whether your child has gone to school or not.

Moreover, the smartwatch includes Bluetooth 4.0 for sharing, 4GB of flash memory,  a Nano SIM slot for GSM connection (for voice and video calls, and one-way text and emoji messages). Also, it provides 36-hour battery life and comes with a 1.22″ TFT colour touch screen.



AmbyGear smartwatch for kids is another brilliant device which is very much suitable for your kid’s safety. The rugged, cool looking gadget comes with all the smartwatch-for-kids features such as safe zones, alerts on your smartphone whenever your child gets into or crosses the safe zone, GPS tracking, calling, smart calendar etc, messaging via 3G connection and indoor and outdoor activity trackers through GPS.

The device’s entire case is covered in a soft silicone shell and the best feature of this AmbyGear smartwatch is, it allows the parents to download new apps and replace others as the child grows older. So, in a way, it is the best kids smartwatch which gives the best value for your money.


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