Drones for Kids: Drones, unmanned flying objects or quadcopter, you can call them by any of these names, but the fun element associated with this device does not diminish by an inch. Drones for Kids have taken the flying toy segment to another level altogether.

Previously, a kid could have been satisfied with a flying helicopter. But now, the bar has increased. Drones have not only the fun-filled element, but they also add to the style of a flying toy with a lot of additional cool features.

The Drones for Kids make the ultimate choice for any kid, due to the ability to control an advanced flying device that has image capture and video recording facility. They are quite safe too. As Christmas is a few days from now or be it a kid’s birthday or just any reason, drones may the best option for gifting a kid. Hence we list down the top 10 drones for kids available in the market.

List of Best Drones for Kids

1. Syma X5C Quadcopter

Syma X5C Quadcopter

The Syma X5Cdrone is a 2.4 GHz RC Explorer drone laden with an HD camera. It has displayed a new version of the brand new radio control quadcopter range. The device has the all-new mechanism to hover, balance and demonstrates advanced controlling options.

The drone has a 6 axis gyro, which aids the stability and agility of the mechanism. There is a 2 GB micro SD card that comes with the package for storing images and videos.

It is a water-resistant drone with 7 minutes of flight time. The drone takes around 100 minutes to charge fully. It is capable of doing flips at the touch of a button with eversion of 360 degrees. The stabilization settings can be altered according to need.

Weighing around 2.1 pounds, it comes with a 2.4 GHz remote controller. It comes within the affordable range of USD 45 to 50 in Amazon.

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2. UDI U818A


The UDI U818A is a modern quadcopter that comes with 2 built-in flight modes. With the help of the state of art, 2.4GHz transmitter changes the flight mode at the touch of a button. One of the modes is the highly skilled fast flight mode for experienced pilots.

The 6 axis gyro of the quadcopter comes in with a posture control feature which stabilizes the drone quite efficiently. Due to this feature, the drone can perform flips quite easily. The 4 Channel function is also present in the drone which aids the better flying experience.

The remote functioning distance is approximately 30 meters. It is a sturdy yet modular drone which comes with a protective guard for preventing unwanted damages caused by crashes.

It has high power batteries and strong motors for better performance. The onboard camera helps in snapping pictures and video capture. The price of the product is in the range of USD 105 to 115 in Amazon.

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3. Eachine H8 Mini Headless Mode 2.4G

Eachine H8 Mini Headless Mode 2.4G


If you are looking for a quadcopter that is really affordable and yet is fun to fly then, Eachine H8 Mini Headless Mode 2.4G is the answer. It is probably one of the lightest quadcopter in the market.

Yet it features some very upbeat cool specifications. It has one touch auto return facility and realizes 3D tumbling in four directions, with 4 LED lights. It contains 6 axis gyro for in flight stability and 4 Channel for perfect flight in various directions and rolls.

Since it comes in headless mode, hence there is no need to adjust positions before flight. The average flight time is 5 to 7 minutes and it takes 45 minutes to fully charge three 3.7V 150mAh batteries. The price of this drone lies within USD 40 to 50 in Amazon.

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4. Hubsan X4:

Hubsan X4


This miniature drone has been upgraded from its predecessor in a lot of fronts and comes with quite a few eye catching features. The transmitter is 2.4 GHz with a 4 channel LCD display.

It comes with different sensitivity modes for professional and novice pilots. The package comes with a 380 mAh LiPo battery which can be charged using USB cable. The H107C version of the series comes with a front mounted camera which can capture images and record videos.

The H107L version has comparatively larger motors for better balance. The H107C version is priced more than double from the H107L version and ranges from USD 95 to 100 while the H107L version costs in the range of USD 30 to 35.

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5. Holy Stone® mini RC Quadcopter:

Holy Stone® mini RC Quadcopter


This drone has 4 channel 2.4 GHz transmitters and snaps pictures and records videos with an impressive 720p camera. It caters to the needs of beginners as well as is equally good for professional pilots. Holy Stone has 4 level controls and is capable of flying both indoors and outdoors. It runs on a rechargeable LiPO battery. The drone is available in three attractive colors and is priced between USD 67 to 70 in Amazon.

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6. Dromida Ominus UAV Quadcopter RTF

Dromida Ominus UAV Quadcopter RTF


Looking for a fun toy for a kid which is pretty strong and unbreakable? The Dromida Ominus UAV Quadcopter RTF is your answer. It is a quite sturdy structure which is perfect for beginners.

It also has the stand out front blades of different colors and two back blades in black shade. The package comes with Dromida Q100 FHSS 2.4GHz 2-channel radio and can be flown both indoors and outdoors.

The Gyro stabilization and three accelerometers aid the ease of flying. It comes with certain features worth mentioning like the flight mode LED indicator, flip button and throttle or rudder stick. The price of the product is in the range of USD 80 to 90 in Amazon.

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7. Syma X8C Venture

Syma X8C Venture

The Syma X8C Venture is a higher version drone which is suitable for expert or professional flyers who are also interested in good quality aerial photography and cinematography. This drone has the room for upgrades like a Go Pro action camera can be attached to it.

There are a lot of advanced features in this drone. The Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC) system is present which helps the pilot to learn the flight lessons in an easy manner. It removes the dependency of forward direction on the nose direction of the drone.

It is laden with 6 axis flight controls and 3D lock for better flight controls. The 2MP HD camera is capable of capturing good quality images along with recording descent videos. It has attractive flashing lights adding to its look.

The drone comes with blade protectors which prevent unwanted damages to the blades due to crashes and accidental injuries to the pilot or the bystanders. The product price range is USD 90 to 100 in Amazon.

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8. Syma X11

Syma X11


The Syma X11 is one of the smallest Drones for Kids in the segment with all the features of a standard device. It is a 4 Channel Remote Control drone which comes with a 2.4GHz Spread Spectrum technology controller.

The whole package includes one prop guard and an extra set of 4 propellers. The controller runs on 4 AA batteries. The drone weighs only 8 ounces and is available in attractive colors to choose from. If all this did not attract you, the price definitely will. It is available in Amazon in the range of USD 25 to 30.

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9. SYMA X12


This mini wonder is a small drone, which is smaller than its predecessor Syma X11. It weighs only 13.3 grams. Though quite small, it has quite a few latest features enough to grab eyeballs.

The drone has built-in 2.4 GHz technology to prevent interference. The radio control also facilitates flight distance of 20 meters in indoors and approximately 10 to 15 meters outdoors. The 6 axis system present in the drone helps in better flight stability.

The 3D 360 degrees rotation facility helps the drone to perform flips and rolls with ease. Though small in structure, it is quite strong and it also has a low voltage indicator. This helps the drone to return to base when the battery in on the verge of exhaustion preventing to fall off in midflight. The price of the drone is a real bargain. It lies in the range of USD 20 to 25 in Amazon.

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10. BLADE Nano QX RTF:



The BLADE Nano QX RTF is yet another small and lightweight drone which weighs slightly more than half ounce. Its small structure makes it easy to fly indoors, within rooms or office.

It has a built in new technology called SAFE which stands for Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope. It is a high-end flight control software which helps in stabilizing the drone in flight mode and aids the hovering.

If there is an emergency, just leave the controlling sticks, and SAFE will bring the drone back to stable hovering. You can switch off the option when you have mastered the flight technique.

This drone comes in with 4-in-1 DSMX Receiver/ESCs/mixer/SAFE sensor unit and brushed motors for smooth yet powerful lift up. The price of this wonder drone lies in the range of USD 90 to 100 in Amazon.

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These are the top 10 drones for kids which can be preferred by kids and are safe too. You can pick up anyone drone for kid depending on your budget and specification priorities.


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