Apple Watch Straps: Toms Apple Watch 2 straps are now split between two series, leather-clad Artisan Collection priced at $75 and Utility Collection priced at $49.

Apple Watch 2

The Artisan Collection features a woven fabric top that is attached to a full-length leather backing. For all four straps, you’d get a single diamond design with white-on-red and white-on-black for the 42mm versions, and white-on-royal blue or white-on-black version for the 38mm models. One can find a silver finish in the buckle and loop hardware. Do not forget to check Best Apple Watch Stainless Steel Bands.

The company has a long history of philanthropy. They have partnered with the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project in the past, as well as charities like Movember Foundation, and FEED. Toms last charitable effort was with every purchase of shoes, an improvised person got on a pair of shoe. Toms are now making an effort with Apple Watch accessories.

There are plenty of straps to choose from. Each Apple Watch strap sale benefits TOMS’ Give Time initiative. Toms have partnered with SolarAid and Solar Sister to provide solar light access to regions of Africa. So every time an Apple Watch band is purchased, it provides one year of solar light to a person in Africa. Moreover to commemorate the partial donation, “GIVE TIME” is etched on every TOMS Apple Watch strap buckle.

Here’s a 38mm $75 design:

Here’s a 38mm $75 design:

And here’s a 42mm $49 design:

The company states: “A classic look designed for travel and adventure. TOMS for Apple Watch bands do more than just make a personal style statement; they make a difference by helping bring solar lights to people who need them the most.

When individuals have access to safe, reliable light sources, one more child will have the TIME to study into the night, one more person will have the TIME to work after dark and earn extra income, and one more family will stay healthy and safe.”


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