Stryd is the missing link between running metrics and performance. It is the world’s first wearable power meter that gives power to the professional athlete and runners to train for longer times without much wear & tear.

While them bunch of fitness bands track heart rate, pace and trail, it, on the other hand, evaluates power as well as progress and links the performance with result. It is to be noted that usually, endurance running sees more injuries than any sports as runners don’t have anything to their support that can translate their performance into consistent results.

As they overrun and train themselves, it results in muscle tearing and injuries that bring their performance and sometimes, even career to an abrupt halt. Stryd can also be used on treadmill and will work as fine to optimize your workout that involves running. It helps users to attain perfect pace to run longer and not harder with maximum efficiency, ground time and impact in place.

For cyclists and runners, the Stryd measures running power, which has been an elusive metrics so far. The wearable is created by Princeton engineer and lets the runner measure running intensity across the terrains while giving them the medium to measure power accurately.

How to use Stryd?


Stryd is a clip device that can stick to the clothes. It is compact and doesn’t interfere with your fitness or training regime. The wearable syncs wirelessly with both sport watches and smartphones to transmit the relevant data.

This power meter wearable will tell you where you have been wasting your energy while telling you the progress made on a daily basis and helping you to measure running intensity across the terrains.

The Stryd will lead you to the missing pieces of the running jigsaw and help you analyze the most important pieces of running by measuring efficiency and power. The audio feedback will take you through the run form, cadence and impact.

With the help of Stryd’s power-based training inputs, the runners can optimize the form and workout to run farther and faster without letting the efforts impacting their recovery or health.


Apart from the power-based training, users will also have the access to the best sports training programs from elite coaches. You can log workouts, set goals and share it with pre-set contacts too. You can also challenge or compete with runners across the world through Stryd.

Compatible with iOS and Android, it syncs the data via Bluetooth Smart and ANT. Supported smartwatches are Garmin XT series, Suunto Ambit series and Magellan Switch series. The power wearable is also capable to import and export third-party training platforms like Addaero, Garmin, TrainingPeaks, Final Surge, GoldenCheetah and Suunto. Power-based training programs will be introduced later.

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Availability and Price of Stryd:

The Stryd is listed on Kickstarter and can be backed for various tiers from $10 to $1200. The estimated shipping date is mentioned as July-September for the first 1000 Stryd whereas mass delivery will start around spring, 2016. The maximum retail price is yet to be disclosed.


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