Where else do you see a CEO summoning his self-driven car on the stage via a smartwatch? Yes, where else but at International CES 2015! In Las Vegas, when it was least expected to have a glimpse of much-talked about Audi-LG smartwatch, people watched the wearable-car action Live. Well, such is life dearies, is not it?

LG-Audi showed the prototype of the smartwatch that is not high on Android wear and is running on the webOS. Rumors have it that LG has been working on this OS for quite a while and we are hoping it to be very smooth and polished when it is finally out. Please note that webOS was developed by Palm and the Pre smartphone (2009) was the first to be released with it. After HP took over the Palm, the OS was left to the open-source category in 2012. LG must have seen potential in the software and hence, picked a few people who worked on this Linux-based software to utilize it for wearables or may be for the smartphones too, in the near future.

And we were just in time as the LG Audi wearable not only runs webOS but also can be used as a standalone cellular device too. The LG smartwatch is different from what you have seen so far in the segment of smartwatches, it is not even similar to LG’s very own LG G Watch R. The three side buttons on the round dialed watch make it outstanding. The uppermost button indicates signal strength, battery level and settings module. For the rest of two buttons, we are as clueless as you are. The sapphire crown, leather strap and stainless steel finish make it a luxury. By the looks of it, the interface is going to be simple too. The design takes after the LG smartphone UI as you can see messenger app, calendar, email and dialer along with LG Health W. The top of the watch is occupied by Audi app that can be used to connect to your Audi car via NFC. You can fetch your car or unlock it through your smartphone. The other app includes LG’s usual staple such as Q voice, Remote Shutter and Find My Phone. The Korean carrier apps are also included in the package. The watch is also supposed to have a speaker that suggests that you will be able to receive calls on it, the one function that Android wear watches are still lacking in.

Moreover, it is waterproof and has the signature bezel marks and top as well as bottom lugs similar to the LG G Watch R.

Release and Price of LG-Audi Smartwatch

Like we said, it was a glimpse. We do not have any information on its official name, its final version, release and price. On a closer look, experts have found it to have some engravings that suggest its name as LG-W while software hints at the name of LG-W120L. And we seriously doubt, if this is going to be the final name for it.

As far as the release is concerned, we cannot put a date to the consumer release of it but expect the final product to be as beautiful and classy as the prototype. Stay tuned with us for more information on LG-Audi smartwatch as it is definitely going to show up at Barcelona MWC in February too.


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