Leoht Tote bag: As the boundaries of fashion and technology is blurring day by day, we at Weararena are amazed that how new things are shaping up that have tremendous capabilities to change our life. The recent addition to this and wearable segment is Leoht luxury handbag.

It is the second smart connected bag after HiSmart bag to find a mention here. Pronounced as (Lay-Oat), the bag is made of custom hardware and finest of leather. The best part, it is meant exclusively for ladies and has luxury written all over. Moving the wearables’ journey from wrist to shoulder, this Leoht handbag gives ladies the much-needed freedom everyday handbag hassles.

Smart Leoht Tote Bag:

Smart Leoht Tote Bag

The smart handbag features interior LED illumination so, hopefully you won’t have to take the entire knickknacks out to find that lip balm or safety pin. Probably, you can also save yourself from the trouble of battling with those bottomless compartments of your handbag.

If you cannot charge your phone at home, you can charge it on-the-go, courtesy, Leoht. Its powerful 6,000mAh battery can juice up smartphone for 3-4 times and tablet for 1-2 times. With 2 built-in USB ports, you can charge two devices at once.

If you commute via public transport, use ‘the alcove’ to keep money, phone and documents safe. But better, don’t keep your bag unattended. You will be shelling out about $300-$350 for this bag, so, I guess, you really don’t want to lose that too.

Smart Leoht tote Bag Features:

It rolls in wireless charging with charging plate. You can plug-in USB charger too when you are out. Have a look at the ‘at a glance’ panel, which lets you know the status of battery. The battery is in-built and has a shelf life of 2-4 years, the campaign page reads.

smart Leoht tote bag FEATURES

Why I am so upbeat about Leoht handbag is because it tackles almost every problem and situation that ladies tackle with the routine handbags or in general. The dead battery of the smartphone or the battle to find something from the handbag when it is needed the most.

Ugh! As women keep stuffing their handbags with any potential stuff that they might be using at some point in their life, the shapes, the names and designs of handbags may have changed but the very idea of a handbag was still there.

From the wearable perspective, the entire tech part is integrated within the bag. You won’t see anything outside that could tell a difference or two between a luxury bag from Fendi and Leoht. So, for someone who would have least interest in the tech aspect, the Leoht handbag is all beauty outside.

Like any other lifestyle accessory, Leoht comes with 14-day return money back policy and 1-year warranty.
The bag is large enough for a laptop and weighs anywhere between 1.7 lb to 4 lb. It is quite heavy but then, the leather and tech part has to go somewhere. Since it is a prototype, the team has ensured that they are trying to keep the weight under 2 lb.


Leoht is available on Kickstarter and you can back the project at the various price tiers starting from $1 to $500 and more. The latter tier will have more color and style options to choose from.

The estimated shipping delivery is mentioned as October 2015. The luxury smart handbag will be available in two colors, black and cognac as well as in two styles slate and press. International delivery will be rolled out later.


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