Volvo’s new innovation a safety helmet for cyclist is expected to provide cyclist with extra protection while they move along in the busy road. This new technology will be introduced in CES 2015 in January. This new gadget specially made for the cyclist was shaped by the joint effort of Ericsson and POC, renowned sports gear makers.

The developers are of the opinion that by wearing this helmet, both way communications can be established between the cyclist and a driver whereby accidents can be avoided. Therefore, both the cyclist and the car driver are going to receive a warning signal if they are close proximity thereby avoiding collision. While a warning light will start to glow once a cyclist is nearby, the cyclist will also get a warning signal in his helmet and thereby they can avoid collision. This smart helmet remains connected to the GPS tracking through a smartphone app using Bluetooth present on both the gadget. The communication between the car drivers and cyclists takes place using cloud technology.

Volvo cars are known for their safety features. Volvo’s range of cars already comes with anti collision and accident preventing technologies like tracking the movements of other vehicles on the road and warns the driver beforehand, automatically apply brakes if it sense chances of accident. However, Volvo cars till date didn’t have any features whereby they can protect cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists. So keeping the unprotected travelers in mind this head gear has been introduced.

Present statistics say that the number of cyclists is increasing day by day as cycles are good for the environment and our health as well. In China, the number of cyclists is expected to increase by 25% by the end of the coming year as the government is persistently promoting the benefits of using cycle instead of car. Under such circumstances, Volvo innovative smart helmet would be definitely a blessing for all the cyclists. Thought the concept is simple, but if the locations are precise thousands of lives can be saved using it.


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