Xiaomi Lunar Smart Sleep Sensor: You can buy plenty of smart wearables that cover a lot of essential health tracking activities, and the best of them will even monitor your sleep pattern if you can manage to have them strapped on while you’re taking a nap.

But frankly speaking, wearing a device on your wrist while you’re sleeping can be very uncomfortable. Additionally, a small device that is tasked with so many functions can hardly live up to performing one task in a lot of depth. But Xiaomi‘s latest launch will help you leave your sleep woes largely behind.

Xiaomi Lunar Smart Sleep Sensor:

Xiaomi Lunar Smart Sleep Sensor:

The new Lunar Smart sleep sensor launched under Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform is a small, round-shaped device that monitors users’ sleep pattern, but the best part is that it does not need to be on your person to gain information.

It can be placed anywhere on your pillow, or you can slip it under your pillowcase to give you a detailed analysis of your sleeping patterns. If you are worried about harmful radiation emanating from the device, Xiaomi says there is no threat of that or electromagnetic waves when you use the Lunar Smart Sleep Sensor.

Features of Xiaomi Lunar Smart Sleep Sensor:

Features of Xiaomi Lunar Smart Sleep Sensor

According to GizmoChina, the Xiaomi Lunar Smart Sleep connects to a dedicated app on your smartphone via WiFi, and it will continue to send periodic reports to your phone pertaining to your sleep throughout the night. In addition, there is the Triple Sound feature if you are unable to fall asleep.

In such cases, the smart sensor will give you tips on how to ease into a comfortable sleep and also play soothing music to help you. Besides monitoring a user’s quality of sleep, the Xiaomi Lunar Smart Sleep can also be used to remotely monitor another’s sleeping routine. This can be especially useful in the case of babies.


One of the most convenient things about the new Xiaomi Lunar Smart Sleep Sensor is that it can run for 90 days on a single hour’s charge, thus eliminating the need to add another candidate to the long list of things that need to be charged on a daily basis. The battery lasts up to a total duration of 50,000 hours.

The Xiaomi Lunar Smart Sleep Sensor has been launched in China for CNY 69 and will begin to ship from December 12, 2016. Information about its international availability is yet unknown.


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