Micromax and its online venture, YU Televentures are all set to reclaim the market share and take the Chinese rival Xiaomi by horns. In the launch event that took place in New Delhi, the Indian OEM unearthed the successor of Cyanogen 12 smartphone, Yu Yuphoria but being #wearable crazy and all, you know what took our fancy.  The budget-priced fitness band, YuFit Band.

First things first. Micromax YuFit Band is priced at just Rs. 999. At the same price, you can buy Xiaomi Mi Band too (if you didn’t get the chance to book one on May 12, you can still be lucky on May 19. Click here or better, read on.) But if the two are stacked against each other, Micromax YuFit wins hands down.

Micromax YuFit Fitness Band:

Micromax YuFit Fitness Band


Reason, it has got an OLED display and is waterproof. Rains or shower, you can wear it without any worry and track your progress.  Xiaomi Mi Band has IP 67 rating, which means it is waterproof to some extent. The rating for Micromax fitness band is yet to reveal but the website clearly indicates that it is waterproof. The small OLED screen shows up data like number of steps and time.

To be honest, some of the features it offers aren’t exactly groundbreaking but at this price are simply breathtaking because to avail those fitness features, some of you are paying through your nose.  Want to know? Read on.

Micromax YuFit Fitness Band Features:

Micromax YuFit Fitness Band Features


The YuFit Band comes with a connecting app, HealthifyMe.  Like Jawbone and its accompanying app, it isn’t capable enough to count calories by merely scanning the barcode of the packaged food or by clicking the picture of the meal to fetch the necessary information but ala Fitbit app you can enter the information manually and keep a tab on what you eat. Vegetarian, vegan or non-vegetarian, it will help you to limit the calorie intake by helping you to make a conscious dietary choice.

Like GOQii, it offers personal fitness coaching and dieticians’ services to YuFit users. Based on the schedule and budget, the YuFit users can avail the services designed in accordance with their lifestyle.  The experts will also provide you with a lifestyle diary. Tweaking your dietary habits and giving you customized dietary plans to go with your routine.

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The YuFit Band wasn’t the only ace up in the sleeve of Micromax as the event also saw the release of HealthYU Cassette, a compact device with two suction cups that can measure vitals like ECG, respiration and blood Oxygen.

At just Rs. 4,999, you don’t have to use the wires or chest straps. You use the suctions cups (included) and attach it to the back panel of smartphone.  You place fingers on the sensors of the Cassette, which in turn transmits the data to the connecting app on smartphone.

Don’t you think that YuFit could be to the wearable what Xiaomi Mi phones are to the phones? Budget-friendly and loaded it is!
Our verdict: go for it.
YuFit fitness band is finally going to be available for sale on Amazon starting this July 29. The much-awaited fitness band from Micromax and Yu Televentures will be offered via flash sale.

You can also register here from July 21 to July 27 to get notifications and enroll for the sale.  It is to be noted that Amazon was also the first marketplace to bring Fitbit wearable bands on sale in India.


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