Smartwatches make the most of wearable segment. However, gradually the wearable tech has started to showcase its impressions on fashion jewelry and smart clothing too. The latest to join the league is Christophe & Co. which brings you a high-end luxury wearable blended with advanced technology. It is also the world’s first self-charging bracelet. Amidst the feminine jewelry wearables, this jewelry wearable focuses on men and it is a pleasant change.

Dubbed as Armill, this wearable is not a watch but a bracelet and will be available in three versions namely the basic Virtus, middle-level Orion and high-end Apollo.

What makes these status bracelets more interesting is the tech part. The company has infused small rotors in the bracelets that keep charging the batteries as your wrist moves. The charging mechanism is very similar to the auto-quartz or automatic watches. The company claims that the power reserves can last about a year and if you sport the bracelet quite often, you may not have to charge it at all. And if you do, you can charge it wirelessly.

If you are waiting for us to tell you about the sensors, GPS, screen and alarms the device houses then you are in for a disappointment because Armill does not have any. Since it is light on the tech part, it does not have to be charged often. It does not aim to be a smartwatch, instead it is happier being Robin to your awesome Batman smartwatch. Christophe & Co wants people to use it as stylish status symbol that can be used to pay contactless, summon the valet and as electronic ID.

Apart from self-charging technology to boast of, the company is also promising upgrades to the users. Claiming that once they purchase the wearable, they can always upgrade the technology as and when the opportunities arise. The hardware module hosts Bluetooth LE and low power NFC chip. You can connect the bracelet to your phone and with a single-button press can order your valet or personal assistant to show up. Moreover, this NFC chip is your entry pass to the partner events and venues such as benefits at top restaurants, exclusive memberships of private clubs, high-profile social, sold-out sports and charity events. The automation route can be extended to connected home, yacht, gesture recognition and contactless payment. Christophe & Co. also organizes private events at exotic locations across the world, which feature world-famous chefs and entertainment and if you happen to own Armill, you have an exclusive pass to be there. With the companion app, Armill owners will be able to enjoy concierge services for 24/7. The customers will be able to avail services anywhere and anytime. This service will be available free of charge for 1 year for Virtus owners, 2 years for Orion owners and three years for Apollo owners.

According to Wikipedia, Armill is an ancient bracelet that symbolizes protection and gives the wearer an honorable reputation. It is also described as a bond that connects sovereign and the subjects.

The design of Christophe & Co Armill is created by Italy-based Pininfarina design house. Yes, you heard it right. The company has hired the same design company that is most famous for its design of Ferrari cars. And as a result, you get a masculine design, which is studded with precious stones and made of gold. Some of the models will also be accentuated with diamonds. The square structure allows it to fit comfortably on the wrist and thankfully, it does not look like a bangle. The underneath padding of carbon fiber frame works as a cushion and makes the bracelet fits snugly. The padding is covered with Alcantara leather which ensures the finish and smooth design.

As far as design is concerned, it is the classic blend of modern-age tech and ancient royalty. Its price range also makes it suitable for people who own a yacht or are living in a sprawling mansion. The Armill is produced in Britain. Depending on the versions, it can be made of anything, from precious metals to ceramic. To add some value, the company has decided to offer customization and hand engraving to certain models. The company has also made arrangements for the fitting of bracelet in accordance with the user’s wrist. Given the hefty price tag that is attached to Armill, company is not leaving a stone unturned to maintain the exclusivity of the product.

Christophe & Co. is also planning to launch some local variants for global markets. For instance, Apollo Armill bracelets will have dragons engraved on them and will be launched in Chinese market. Similarly, Russian market will witness the launch of Armill models featuring St. George slaying a dragon. Hand decorated Armill models will also be launched.

Availability and Price of Christophe & Co. Armill

Armill is open for pre-orders and the company initially wants to churn out 425 Armill models which include 300 Virtus models ($75,000 each), 100 Orion models ($93,000 each) and 25 Apollo models ($ 149,000 each). To pre-order, you need to register at the official website with name, e-mail and reason for the inquiry. The website will generate a passcode that needs to be entered to go to the order page.

If you are wondering (like me) how many times you actually need valets or personal assistant to run errands for you. But then, if someone is okay shelling about $US75, 000 to $US150, 000 for a bracelet, he might have not one but two assistants to tell him that Armill looks really nice on his wrist.


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