The DJI Inspire 1 from the DJI brand marks a special position into the market. The Inspire 1 is a truly professional drone with the look and feel upgraded than the brand’s other series drones especially Phantom 3. There are some noteworthy features of this drone which differentiates it from others. We bring out the features as well some down siders of the DJI Inspire 1 in the section as below. Check out our The DJI Inspire 1 review

DJI Inspire 1:

The DJI Inspire 1

  • Firstly, it is important to know that the camera specifications for DJI Inspire 1 is similar to that of Phantom 3 Professional. It can perform video recording at 4K resolution with 30 frames per second and 1080 pixels at 60 frames per second. But still it is high priced than the Phantom 3 Professional. The prime reason for that is the easy repairing and upgrading provision for DJI Inspire 1. There is a lock feature in Inspire 1 with which the camera and gimbal can be easily detached and packed separately. This feature helps in easy and comfortable transport of the drone and it also opens up the provision of upgrading the camera or using a different camera altogether in future.
  • Secondly, the gimbal has been remodeled for good. It is capable of rotating 360 degrees and tilt up to 125 degrees. This helps during image capture and video recording as you do not need to twist and turn the whole drone around. The gimbal has a sturdy structure making it last long. The overall structure is also similarly built.
  • Thirdly, Inspire 1 has a two control system enabled. The camera and drone control are separate which is really a cool feature. There is a provision to add another controller so that one person can control the drone while other controls the camera and both of them get the live feed. The drone canbe connected with a Mini-HDMI output for connecting to an external display. The looks of the drone are quite stunning too.
  • Fourthly, the Vision Positioning System of Inspire 1 helps to fly it indoors wherein GPS is non-functional. It supports the flying height of 16 feet which is higher than the Phantom 3. While flying outdoors, the GPS system comes in handy. It helps in stoppage at a particular position, hovering over a target position and transfer location details for returning to the base position in case of emergency. The Inspire 1 also features GLONASS which is Russian navigation system for locking into satellite for better transfer of location details. The satellite acquisition speed is impressive of DJI Inspire 1. This helps in better flying experience and gaining the accurate position for image capture and video recording. The Return to Home button is a latest feature added which brings back the drone to the starting position.
  • Fifthly, the landing gear for DJI Inspire 1 is made of carbon fiber contributing to its stability and longevity. It also lowers and lifts up during the take-off and landing, making the whole process smoother and comfortable. The distinct brushless motors aid the smoother performance and swift movements of the drone. These motors stabilize the drone in high winds as well.
  • The Lightbridge technology has been used in the DJI Inspire 1 controller and the DJI Go mobile application. This helps in upgraded video transmission even at a distance of two miles. On the top corners of the controller are the camera controls which help in staring and pausing the recordings, image capture, manipulating adjust composure, ISO, shutter speed and such like.
  • The DJI Inspire 1 can be easily connected to a smartphone of tablet by connecting the device to the port of the drone and accessing the DJI Go app for the camera feed. However, performance wise, the iOS devices configuration wins over.
  • The camera controls are advanced along with an alert for any update requirement in the app. The video recording is descent and the image capture quality is good. There is yet another feature which is quite interesting, which is the Beginner’s mode. It limits certain features of the drone-like the flying height for the safe flight. It is meant for the new flyers so that the drone functions safely.
  • The real downside of the drone is its battery life. It has the ability to flying continuously for 18 minutes under single charge. But in actuality, the increased flight speed and wind hassles decrease the flight time to 15 minutes. The additional batteries come at cost of USD 155 to 160. The stronger batteries are priced at USD 199 which are not yet available in United Kingdom and Australia. They have to be purchased separately and hence add to the cost of the drone.


Overall, the DJI Inspire 1 is simple and easy to fly drone at a professional level. With its good looks and quite a few eye-candy features it acquires a special position. The price of the drone in Amazon is the range of USD 2900 to 3000.

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