Daatrics Neebo: Monitoring one’s baby has long been an important part of parenting, and the latest launch from Daatrics aims to make that process more thorough. While traditional baby monitors have separate units that need to be placed near your baby and yourself at all times, the new Neebo wearable monitor simply has to be slipped onto a baby’s wrist to make monitoring easier.

The new Daatrics Neebo wearable monitor is a tiny egg-shaped wearable device that has been made with babies’ safety issues in mind. For starters, it is made with materials that make it safe for babies to wear and even put in inside their mouths as most toddlers are prone to do.

On top of that, the Daatrics Neebo not only alerts parents about the sounds that their babies are making but also about their health vitals like heart rate, oxygen intake and thermal comfort among others. Daatrics has said that they are working on improving the monitoring system by adding new biometrics.

Daatrics Neebo: Baby Monitor

Daatrics Neebo


The Daatrics Neebo filters out ambient sounds to ensure that parents get to hear only the sounds being made by the baby, thus ruling out the possibility of false alarms. The new wearable monitor will collect all the information and send it over Bluetooth to an app on parents’ smartphones.

What’s more is that besides monitoring a baby’s vitals, the device also has an audio chat feature that helps parents comfort their babies even when they’re away. The device also has a sleep mode that monitors the baby’s heart rate while he’s sleeping and alerts parents when they wake up.

Daatrics CEO Andrey Kharullaev told MobiHealthNews in an interview: “(The Daatrics Neebo is) built around the idea that parents don’t need a lot of extra alerts. These are smart alerts. If it cannot deliver to mobile, it goes to the charging station and it produces a smart an audible alert, but only in case of an emergency, such as abnormal heart rate or a high or low temperature.”


The product is presently being fine-tuned as the makers aim to make it more sophisticated with extra parental-aiding features. For instance, they are currently experimenting with different sensors that will work to notify parents if anyone is abusing the baby, whether verbally or physically. Additionally, the device may be made smaller by the time it finally begins shipping. An FDA certification is also on the cards for the Neebo.

For now, parents can preorder the Daatrics Neebo at a special introductory price of $200. It will later be moved up in sync with the improvements brought to it.


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