HiSmart Bag: The bag can be sported in two different styles (messenger bag/backpack) and is made of canvas and handmade Italian leather.

With 12 pocket organizer compartments, it is spacious and roomy enough to hold your keys, laptop and files. The waterproof canvas lets it stand the test of time and protect your documents and gadgets.

Convertible HiSmart Bag:

convertible HiSmart Bag

The campaign page reads that it has a 45 degree support that makes it strong and durable. The strap is made of Italian leather that makes for an easy understanding of the ideal length. The HiSmart bag is equipped with German Fidlock that closes magnetically and needs a half-twist to open, secure and convenient! The bag weighs only 1.5 lbs! A 150mAh battery powers it through 10 hours a day.

It is available in two colors, black and cognac. Other colors will be added soon.


Convertible HiSmart Bag


You don’t need to jot down the location anymore as you can pin down the location with HiSmart. The location is pinned down in the cloud as well as on app and you can also share it within your social circle via an update.

The HiSmart also alerts you of incoming calls and text messages. You can respond to or choose to ignore the call via pushing the HiRemote button on the strap. Yes, you don’t need to pull your smartphone out of your pocket to do that.

In case you lose the track of your phone or your HiSmart bag, the bag and the phone will alert you respectively by telling you the position where it was last seen at. If you cannot find your phone, push the HiRemote button and the phone will buzz the alarm sound for you to hear it.

The music buffs can control the music playback with the button on the strap and people with creative bent of mind can simply hit the HiRemote and record their voice only to be emailed to them later. You can access your favorite apps and click selfies with one touch. The bag can be disconnected from the Bluetooth and used as an ordinary bag as well.

The HiRemote is compatible with Android yet the app is currently available for Apple users only.

Delivery and price of HiSmart bag:

Delivery and price of HiSmart bag


HiSmart appeared on Indiegogo to raise funds and the campaign closes on April 15, 2015. It is well-ahead of the funding goals though. The price tier for the smart bag ranges from $199 to $3700 and the retail price isn’t announced yet. The company offers international shipping and the estimated shipping date is stated anywhere between July 2015 and August 2015.


As for most of us, commuting and long-distance travelling has become a part of life and while our exploration is now limited to from office to home, HiSmart tries to make it comfortable and easy. The company, Lepow states that it went through over 300 designs to make HiSmart bag and since it is a bag that anyways is an integral part of our lives, one doesn’t have to carry a separate wearable either.


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