Apple Watch OS 2: Thank God for WWDC 2015 because it reflects that the Cupertino Company is introspecting and has been listening to the users. For instance, Apple Watch users (those who have been lucky enough to strap it on their wrist) have been complaining of the sluggish experience of Apple Watch apps. It is because that it piggybacks on the connected iPhone. The third-party apps run there and merely show on the Apple Watch screen.

Apple Watch OS 2:

Apple Watch OS 2 APP


With this upgrade to the WatchOS, native Apple Watch apps become reality. What’s more to this flagship feature is that the developers now have access to Apple Watch and can have fun making the apps that are designed and made for Apple Watch. For users, it means faster experience.

The developer beta SDK is available from today and the developers have access to the hardware system including the accelerometer, speaker and microphone along with the pass for custom UI elements of digital crown control, as reported by The Verge.

At present, developers don’t have access to any hardware panel of Apple Watch; letting this happen is a big move, a lifetime opportunity to make the most of it. Especially when it is coming from the company that has been touted to provide best ecosystem.

HomeKit and HealthKit are also rolled in and the fitness app developers can now record heart rate in real-time.

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The WWDC 2015 Keynote was addressed by the CEO Tim Cook. After this Kevin Lynch took the center stage to explain the details of WatchOS2.

What else you got, read on:

Apple Watch OS 2 UPDATE

Third-Party Complications: This is what Apple is calling the customized watch face options by developers.

Time Travel: You can time travel via digital crown and see the upcoming events or temperature for the day after tomorrow.

Nightstand Mode: The Nightstand Mode, basically when your Apple Watch is in charging mode lets you see the alarm, charging percentage and time.

Email: Apple WatchOS2 lets you reply to the emails from the watch screen.

Add Multiple Screens: Use Digital Touch drawings and add multiple screens for people via your Apple Watch now.

Facetime Audio: This feature is also introduced in this OS upgrade.

Glances: With this new Apple Watch OS, you can command Siri to start or stop natively-running OS. Siri also shows you glances, ask her to show the Instagram glances and she will follow the orders.

Apple Pay: Like iOS 9, Apple Watch can run Apple Pay and supports loyalty card.

Directions: The upgrade takes on maps too and now you can request Siri’s help to show you transit directions on your Apple Watch.

Custom Watch Faces: Custom Apple Watch faces are a reality now, including Time-Lapse face and Photo Album face. The Time-Lapse watch face shows you locales of different cities while pinning the local time.

Play Videos: You can play videos on Apple Watch and control the playback.


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