Android Wear is supported by many apps that make it functional and help you to make way around this new platform. The platform started with 24 apps and the number is growing exponentially. Here are the few essential Android Wear apps that you can use and make the most of your wearable. The apps are paired with their respective Google Play Store links for your perusal and easy installation.

If, like me, you head to Wikipedia for the information, Attopedia is for you. It is the Wikipedia app for smartwatches. Reading off wrist-based wearables is troublesome and can make you dash for an aspirin later on but at some certain points you need to check some information right away. For instance, how many tattoos Angelina Jolie has or how big are the butts of Kardashian? ? Attopedia makes Wikipedia content organized and structured. It makes the information readable to a great extent. You can skip to sections and scroll down. The best part, it is free.
Google Play
It is your personal trainer app that tracks cycling, kayaking, aerobics, walking and almost every sort of exercise. It monitors in the parameters of calories, speed and distance covered. It keeps you motivated through regular audio feedbacks during exercise and makes your workout fun. With 25 million users across the world, this app also doubles up as a social app, which lets you share your track records with friends. It also monitors heart rate and is compatible with ANT+, BT and BTLE heart rate monitors.
What do you do in your free time? If your answer is learning a second language, then install Duolingo. As the name says, it lets you learn different languages via flash cards and small quizzes. One of the earliest apps on Android Wear, it makes for a nice and pretty good pastime. You can use this language learning application on the tablet, phone and web too.
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Look Behind makes you see what your camera sees. The only difference is that the projected image can be seen on the smartwatch. The torch control lets you turn on the smartphone’s LED flash via smartwatch. This app makes your smartwatch come in handy when you really need to strain your eyes into dark to understand what’s going on.
A similar application is PixtoCam, which is more oriented towards photographers than daily-life utility. It is also updated quite often and has solid backup of developers. If you have a knack of photography and often use your smartwatch to click a photo, go for this app. It is available for $1.99.
Google Play Link
Wear App Manager solves the most basic problems of Android Wear users, which is downloading too many apps and not knowing how many of them are compatible with Android Wear. This app lets you manage the apps on your device and lets you keep the ones which are supported by Android Wear. It also tells you if a new app has been installed, removed or updated. If you are new to Android Wear wearable, this app will help you a lot to manage your smartwatch.
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Like Runtastic, Strava is fitness app, which lets you use voice controls for your activities and get the stats without as much as pulling out your smartphone. It has over a million downloads and boasts of a 4.6 rating on the Play Store. It is reliable and often people have vouched for its accuracy.
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If you are fond of cooking, love to experiment in the kitchen but tallying a recipe book is too much of a hassle for you, then Allthecooks is the perfect option that promises to be at your beck and call. Look for recipes on your wrist and get a walkthrough of the method step-by-step. It also includes built-in timers for the recipes.
Allthecooks on Google Play
Do you have a habit of taking notes for remembering stuff? Are you the forgetful types? The Evernote Android Wear app lets you take note on the smartwatch and check-off the list items. It will show relevant notes on your wrist based on your location. It is also voice-enabled.
Evernote for Android Wear
Toggles Wear is a paid app that comes with a refund time. You can try it and if you do not like it, you can ask the company to take it back and request for the refund within a stipulated time. It is clear from the name that it lets you toggle between the controls. Be it music or switching from WiFi to data, it makes toggling from your smartwatch quite easy. There is no free demo version available as of now so, you need to pay before you get to try it.
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Though Android Wear has quite a few calculator apps to boast of, the Wear Calc is the best. It not only has the developer support but also is the combination of basic and advanced calculating skills.  The app is not compatible with Moto 360 as of now but the developer is hopeful to work out all the glitches by October and enable support for Motorola smartwatch. This app can do basic math, conversions and matrices for you.
Wear Calc for Android Wear
This is an advanced-level alarm clock that not only buzzes you to wake up but also monitors your sleep patterns. This also offers the detailed analysis of your sleep to ensure proper health and a good night’s sleep for you. The app’s detailed coverage includes alarms, charts and graphics. It is also compatible with HUE smart light integration.
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This is quite basic yet most useful of the lot. This vibrates your wrist if you walk away from the tethered smartphone beyond a certain distance. If you forget your smartphone quite easily, Wear Aware Android Wear app will play an alert to remind you to take it. It also doubles up as a “Find my Phone” tool and plays an alarm on the phone when you open the app on your smartwatch.
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What do you do when you have to split a check? Do you count on finger or pull out your smartphone? Well, if you have smartwatch, you can do it smartly and stylishly with Wear Tip Calculator. This app lets you split the amount with tips. The marker can be dragged to add the tip and adjust the bill. The in-app purchases worth $2 let you open up the new functionalities. It can be installed on both round-faced and square-faced watches yet looks best on round-faced watches due to spacious watch face.
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As we write this, the world of Android Wear apps is growing rapidly. It is our effort to bring you the chosen few to help you make the most of your smartwatch. Do you think we skipped the ones you use the most or you feel that there are apps which should make it to this list? Whatever it is, share your thoughts in the comments section below. We will be happy to hear from you.


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