What measures do you expect the government to adopt to counter public urination? In India, you see some really abusive and racial sentences painted on the walls but it hardly stops people peeing all over them. But the Hamburg, Germany’s government has found an exceptionally creative way to combat this. When the city’s very popular red light district and entertainment centre, St. Pauli had enough of the wall stains and smell (ugggh), it decided that it was the pee-back time. The merchant association of St. Pauli is coating the walls with Nissan’s ultra-hydrophobic and aleophobic paint, Ultra-Ever Dry which redirects the stream towards the person itself. The paint was originally devised by Nissan with an aim to keep the car and door handles clean even after the messy drives.

It is to be noted that St. Pauli gets about 20 million visitors over a year and is one of the very rare places where prostitution is legal. People who come to flock the nightclubs and bars look for any wall or surface where they could pee and get on with their business. While the visitors bring money and booming economy, the residents and merchants have to struggle with the stench and unhygienic ambience.
Since this nano paint is highly water-resistant and stay dry, the stream of water or even the vomit and greasy oils splash back, resulting in wet pants and shoes, which won’t be pleasant in any case. According to Julia Staron of Interessengemeinschaft, the penalties, warnings and bans have not had any impact on the urinating visitors so, the merchant association tried chemistry to retaliate and give the peeing visitors a taste of their own medicine (!) And this time, just to let you know, they have planned some surprise checks on you and haven’t posted the warning signs on every treated wall.
So, while you are there, make sure to use the rest rooms and let walls rest in peace to avoid becoming the butt of all pissing jokes!
Via Engadget, Gizmag


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