B-ON MD monitor: MD is the world’s smallest 5-in-1 health monitor. The brainchild of B-ON MD monitor, this health monitor joins the industry of fitness wearables while their accuracy with the data and findings is still questionable.  The 5 functions performed by the monitor are the tracking of blood pressure, blood Oxygen levels, body temperature, EKG and heart rate. The MD claims to track each of the fitness metric with 95% accuracy.

MD Health Monitors:

B-ON MD monitore


In exclusive coverage, CNET has showcased how the MD actually works and how it is designed. The monitor comes in a size of a bulbous compact mirror and bottom of the monitor place one of three touch sensors which take a measure of the EKG levels. Apart from that, a separate pump valve is also placed at the bottom which is used to measure your blood pressure with the help of an arm cuff.

To measure your heart rate and blood-oxygen level, you have to put your finger on the top sensor of the MD. Another sensor at the other side of the device read your body temperature when you place it against your forehead. The user can check out all these information via a mobile app and they can even keep a track of all these readings. Not only the laymen but the doctors can also use the 5-in-1 B-ON MD monitor to keep a tab of their patient’s stats time and time again.

The device is available at the price point of $199.


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