Spinali Design, a French design firm has come up with the concept of smart bikini and connected towel that will remind you to apply sunscreen and thus, prevent your skin from sunburn. This connected clothing will come in handy for people who have sensitive skin and yet cannot resist themselves from getting some Sun.

Spinali degine smart bikni

The embedded sensor will alert you to apply sunscreen, in accordance with the skin type. It is to be noted that most of people believe that suntan is practically harmless and at most, it can just cause pigmentation, red face and make one look like lobster. But sunburn and suntan has quite a dangerous side to it.  At worst, it can cause pigmentation, melanoma and even skin cancer.

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While the smart Spinali bikini can be customized with a personal message that goes on the inner side of the swimsuit, the smart towel is unisex.  The sensor is waterproof and can be detached. If you don’t want to buy the smart bikini and instead, like the towel and sensor, you can get them for $111 while for a connected Spinali bikini you need to shell out $223.

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The bikini and towel can be customized and you can pick as many as colors starting from $167.

There is a connected smartphone app that interacts with the embedded UV sensor and is compatible with both iOS and Android.

Via: Spinali Design


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