Sony Xperia Ear: Sony first revealed its upcoming wearable, the Sony Xperia Ear at the Mobile World Congress last February. What the device does is that it slides into your ear smoothly and delivers voice assistance to the wearer.

It was initially thought to be an experiment by Sony until the company announced they were going to launch the device. The Xperia Ear is NFC and Bluetooth 4.1 enabled and will be compatible with any phone running Android 4.4 via the Xperia Ear app.

The earbuds are lightweight (0.2 oz) as well as the charging case (1.37 oz.). Sony did not specify how long it will take to recharge them. The wearable comes in black, but it does have IPX2 water protection.

Sony Xperia Ear:

Sony Xperia Ear

The voice assistant in the wearable is somewhat like Siri or Cortana. Sony suggests users can ask questions like “What have I got scheduled tomorrow?” and “Send a message to Todd that I’m getting sushi for lunch.”

The Xperia Ear can be customised through Sony’s Voice Control app and includes Sony’s Agent technology and a proximity sensor.

It can be used to get notifications, depending on the configuration, as to what app you connect with the device.


So you’d need to configure the setting in according to your needs. “With an integrated proximity sensor, gyroscope, and accelerometer, it knows if it’s in your ear, not in use, or in its charging case, and reacts accordingly,” Sony explains. “You can even use a nod of the head to confirm a command.”

Among the “personalised” aural updates include messages, weather reports, news, calendar events, and app notifications. The device also enables text message dictation, hands-free music playback control. It is also compatible with navigation smartphone apps, both via simple voice commands. Additionally, users can also search Wikipedia on the fly.


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