People are curious about Sony Smartwatch 4. Will the new smartwatch be extension of Sony’s debutante wearable or in the light of Apple Watch or Moto 360 2, it will roll in something new?

Sony Smartwatch 4 Android:

Sony Smartwatch 4 Android

As the Sony Smartwatch release date is speculated sometime this year, the rumor mill is working overtime to hit the right spot regarding Sony Smartwatch 4 specs, release date and features.

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Sony Smartwatch 4 Android Wear Features:

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It is impossible that Sony Smartwatch won’t be running Android Wear. User-friendly and one of the top-rated OS, the next-gen smartwatch won’t leave it. The vanilla experience ensures that you get to see pretty much similar features. There is not much that in terms of Android Wear that you will miss out on if you don’t choose Sony Smartwatch 4 and instead go for Moto 360.

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Though, the UI always add some flavor. For instance, in this case, it is Todoist (equivalent to Apple Watch’s Evernote.) You get a location-specific alert on your wristwear which sync automatically to other devices and can be edited as well. This upcoming smartwatch will have a slim build and aesthetic appeal to woo the consumers.

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Sony Smartwatch 4 Release Date and Price:

Sony Smartwatch 4 Android realese date and featur

Rumors have it that Sony Smartwatch will release in Q3 by November or December. It is rumored to be priced around $350. But Sony officially has not made any sound, it indicates a late release, may be in February 2016. This has left a huge fog of uncertainty over the probable release date of Sony Smartwatch 4.

Sony Smartwatch 4 Specs:

The predecessor, Sony Smartwatch 3 helped you to log in every moment of life while offering some extraordinaire standalone features. You were able to play music over wireless Bluetooth headphones and courtesy in-built GPS, you could take the smartwatch to running or hiking and then sync it with the Sony Lifelog app as you reached within the range. But that was it. This is something that even $13 priced Xiaomi Mi Band is doing for you now.

With the next-gen Sony wearable, some more standalone features are rumored, something like video calling as Apple Watch 2 is promising us. Additionally, the prospects of having contactless NFC payment and standalone WiFi connectivity won’t hurt.

The watch is expected to come packed with a more accurate and efficient GPS. Users of the Smartwatch 3 had noticed how the GPS tends to differ from what the smartphones seems to indicate. So the next generation is likely to come with some improvements on this issue. The only downside of a better GPS is that the battery power will take quite a hit.

Speaking of the battery, the 420mAh battery is found in Smartwatch 3, Moto 360, Huawei Watch, and the LG Watch Urbane. If Smartwatch 4 wants to be a champion of its league, it needs to have even better battery backup. We think Sony will be pushing the bar up this time.

A built-in speaker is on the table. Google has recently added support for audio feedback in Android Wear v1.4. This means that wearables can now speak or at least make some noise. It’ll be cool if users could directly take calls from their wrists. So far only Huawei Watch has got built-in speakers.

Sony Smartwatch 4 Key Features: 

  • 5” LCD display
  • 2 GHZ Quad-Core processor
  • 4 GB /512 MB RAM
  • 420 mAh battery with wireless charging
  • Corning Gorilla Glass 4
  • GPS, HR, and pedometer
  • Dust and waterproof features
  • Colors: black, silver, and gold

Sony Smartwatch 4 Design:

The Japanese company’s debutante wearable smartwatch was bulky and looked odd if we compare it to the modern-age smartwatches such as LG G Watch R and Motorola Moto 360. Even if the maker doesn’t want to leave the rectangular display, it could sure make it sleek and sexier in this next-gen version.

Sony Smartwatches Under the Hood Specs:

Doubtlessly the Smartwatch 4 by Sony will run on the latest OS, though we all predicted that it would have Android Lollipop, as the day passes by, possibility of having Android Marshmallow as its operating system is increasing.

As a protection of the display, it will have a Gorilla Glass 4 coating on it. 512 MB RAM and 2 GHZ processor are set to clock the processing speed and multitasking at its highest. Being paired with 4 GB on-board storage it will be ready to enable you record or save files in the watch itself.

Sony Smartwatch 4 Battery:

Speaking of smartwatches’ epidemic ailment, Sony smartwatch 4 battery life was pretty standard to start with. Better battery life is the must –have goal for wearable makers, though it will be difficult for the maker to include a hefty and powerful battery in rumored sleek housing of Sony Smartwatch 4. From the speculations made by the leading sites, we can say a line when it comes to the battery of Sony’s Smartwatch 4, it may house a 420 mAh battery.

Sony Smartwatch Wearable Range:

Sony has been always active on the wearable front. It already has a dozen wearable accessories including fitness bands, wrist straps and TalkBand. Chances are Sony would try to woo fence-sitters and confused than ever wearable customers by integrating the smart accessories range with the new Sony Smartwatch 4.

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We cannot refuse the possibility of something like Pebble Smart Straps that can be introduced with this next-gen successor of Sony Wearable. The personalization in terms of straps and watch faces was a stronghold of Sony Smartwatch 3 and the same is also expected for the successor.


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