In the previous blog, we told you about Sony’s three prototypes that were revealed at International CES 2015. After the smartglass tech, here is some scoop on hearable that Japanese Company enjoys the prime position in. In Las Vegas, we were all ears for Sony’s Smart B-Trainer. The prototype of Smart B-Trainer inherits its software from Sony’s Walkman and features NFC and Bluetooth with fitness trackers. It fits snugly in the ear and has round-neck loop that clamps it easily to the head.

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What makes it different from the crowd of hearables is the fact that it works to optimize your fitness regime and controls your speed. For instance, if you want to run faster or slower, Sony’s B-Trainer will suggest music that will help you to match your pace with the beats. You can also train in accordance with your heart beat (Now you know what B stands for). Because many people workout with music and with beats, they tend to gain pace but since it is a prototype and not the final product, Sony has yet to decide whether to let them choose the beats per minute or analyze their listening pattern.

Fitness experts are of opinion that to burn more fat, one needs to jog keeping heart rate within a target. Based on your inputs such as height, weight and gender, B-Trainer would suggest you an appropriate workout. The automated voice coaching will motivate you to take off your pajamas and get going. It will also keep a tab on your running and heart rate, advising you to go slower or faster.

The Sony Smart B-Trainer has easy, user-friendly button placements. The buttons can be used to play songs and receive calls. It also packs in a voice coaching that will up your game in the fitness. If you are seriously looking to amp up your fitness regime, it might be your thing. Agreed that voice coaching is not a breakthrough as Adidas MiCoach and SmartRun Watch is already doing it for you but having the GPS, steps-counting accelerometer and heart rate monitor in one place is incredible.

It will use an app to connect to your smartphone and you can sync the devices to see fitness metrics. You can also use it as a standalone earphone. It is waterproof and comes with its own 16GB memory, which can be used to store music tracks or voice coaching inputs. In fact, the spocs has been touting it to be ready for Olympic athlete and that the professional sportspersons can use it to increase their performance.

Since it has storage of its own, it is a bit bulkier yet lightweight, weighing in at approx. 40 grams. It can last about 7 hours and features 3-minute quick charge that offers music playback for 1 hour.

Sony’s Smart B-Trainer utilizes blood flow behind the ears to measure heart rate. The accuracy of measuring heart beat via ears is really doubtful at this moment but since we have not tested Sony’s Smart Trainer for accuracy, we can cut it some slack. With the usage, B-Trainer would start detecting the beats of song library and would pop-up suggestions to attain fitness goals keeping heart rate under consideration. People like me, who do not keep a music collection handy but listen to the music as per their mood would definitely like to see some music company onboard, which is not data-hungry.

Release and Price of Sony Smart B-Trainer

There has been no information on price, though it is set to hit the shelves in the first quarter of 2015. Bragi Dash Wireless earbuds, Parrot Zik Sport headset and Jabra Sport Pulse will also be released at the same time.

As it is a new thing on the block that packs in quite a punch in terms of technology and concept such as being able to train using heart beats as a base, voice fitness coaching and GPS, I do not think it is going to be lesser than $200. Watch out this space for more information on release date and Sony Smart B-Trainer price.

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As we noted, the game of ear wearable tech started to change in the last year itself. Headphones are not just headphones anymore that will play music but a lot more. Getting GPS, pedometer, heart rate monitor and especially, your music rolled-into-one is totally my thing.


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