Sony toyed with the idea of smartglasses at IFA, September 2014 where it tossed at us a new lens attachment, a smartglass wearable and some new features of SmartEyeGlasses developer kit. Fast forward to International CES 2015 and Sony has given us a glimpse of all three. However, here we are particularly focusing on the SmartEyeGlass prototype titled Attach. The prototypes showcased at CES are not finished products and still in developing phase but definitely show Japanese company’s inclination towards leaving a mark in non-smartwatch territory.

Harnessing Augmented Reality and the power of eyes, Attach transforms any pair of glasses into smartglasses. Lightweight and single lens module, this can be tacked onto a pair of spectacles and can be used to see any information or display playing right before your eyes on the OLED screen. The idea reminds you of Google Glass where a supplementary module snap onto the glasses to see information in the AR perspective.

The catch is that it is not available for customers yet and only developers will get to create apps for it and play with the module. As of now, the Attach focuses on sports and running apps. And if the prototype ever sees the light for the day in the future, you will see how compact and functional this idea is. You will have the information visible in front of your eyes to optimize your running or sports performance. The number of sprints you have taken or the route you need to take to run 10 miles! Without pulling out your smartphone in every 10 minutes, you would know where to go! The prototype shown at CES does not pack GPS but anyways, we have no concrete information on the specifications or availability of any of Sony prototypes at CES.

Though, it may some take time to get used to Attach but once you have, it is very compact and unobtrusive. With just 0.5cm height, the screen does not bog you down. The bulky part of it contains the component and battery. There is a camera too that most of us would find a deterrent and unnecessary but since there is some space, Sony must have thought to utilize it in a better way. The demo played at the CES tells us that the Attach is waterproof and can be used during sports where one sweats heavily. Since there has been no official announcement regarding IP rating, it might not work underwater.

It is an open source project and hence, developers can create several ways to use the technique for greater acceptance. Runners can use it for navigation, travellers can also use it to find ways or information about a site or doctors can use it to view information of patients who are not physically present in the clinic.

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This smart monocle is definitely a decent idea and it was least expected, especially from Sony, which has quite a reputation to play along only the familiar territories. Since it is compact and does not look weird while in action, it sure gives us a hope for promising future of Augmented Reality.

Price and Release of Sony Attach

As we said earlier, there is no confirmed news regarding this but spocs at CES gave ample hints for a 2015 release of developers’ edition. Watch out this space for more as we will be updating it as soon as any information is out.


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