Sophia Smart skipping rope: Every fitness enthusiast knows about the benefit of jumping rope. Sophia, the smart fitness rope from FitFox Limited takes the health benefit of skipping rope up by a few notches. This connected rope is a complete fitness tracker that tracks, analyzes and pushes you closer to your fitness goals with every jump. The companion app is compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth.

Sophia, the jumping rope will measure your jump, number of calories burnt and speed. Based on this data, it will help you to come up with a workout plan that is based on your strengths and works on your weaknesses.

Sophia Smart skipping rope:

Sophia Smart skipping rope

Its portable design enables you to take it everywhere you go. From gym to the hotel room when you are travelling, its compact magnetic leather grip keeps it together and neat. Moreover, it is not just a rope, it is a ‘social’ rope that engages and motivates by letting you invite friends remotely or in the same place to compete with you.

Since it supports both Apple and Android device, it has in-built integration for Apple HealthKit and GoogleFit. The battery life expect to last up to 1 month if you are using it for 30 minutes every day.

Sophia Smart skipping rope Features:

Sophia Smart skipping rope

The handles of the connected rope do the trick. Equipped with optical and three-axis accelerometer, this rope is very precise with counting jumps and measuring speed. The rubber casing on these handles make the rope a natural fit in your hands. The rope also works as a standalone model and can sync the data later when it detects the connection with the phone.

The app has two modes, the arcade mode wherein you are pretty much on your own, doing jumps and tracking your progress with a friend whom you like to jump with. The second mode is world challenge wherein you can ask your social circle around the world to join you in the workout regime.

The interface is quite simple and tells you entire data in the form of skips completed, calories burnt and how many days you have been regular with the skipping. The two orange buttons are to track jumping and to challenge respectively.

Availability and Pricing of Sophia-the smart skipping rope:

Sophia rope is available in three colors, orange, purple and blue. A leather version is also available in which the grip and rope is made of high-quality as well as rugged brown leather.

The rope will available for purchase all across the world and estimate shipping date is stated by May 2015. You can purchase the rope on Kickstarter at different price points. For $34, you get purple/white smart rope.

If you pledge$45 or more, you get to select from white/orange, white/purple or white/blue. The limited Kickstarter edition in white body, green leather grip and black cord is also available at the same cost.

Its shipping will be free in Ireland, U.K., U.S. and Canada. For $50, you can book the Sophia Luxe leather rope. In $70, you can get Fitness Buddy pack of 2 smart ropes. For €1800, you could visit the on-site location of team along with the round trip ticket, business visa and so on. The only catch is that you need to hurry up because the company is promoting its campaign for limited backers.

Via Kickstarter


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