Samsung Triathlon SM-R150: All the consumer electronics companies have made “Wearable” gadgets their bird’s eye as sale of these devices has been increasing by leaps and bounds. Established brands like Samsung as well as the comparatively new companies like Xiaomi- everyone has emphasized on budget-friendly wearable devices.

Samsung Triathlon SM-R150:

Samsung Triathlon SM-R150 Features


Though Samsung has always introduced classy products and it has not taken much pressure to capture the low price segment. But trends are being changed. They are not ready to leave an inch to competitors in the market. Result of that, Samsung is to launch Triathlon SM-R150– a pocket-friendly fitness tracker.

Samsung Triathlon SM-R150 Features:

Samsung Triathlon SM-R150

No doubt that Xiaomi is in the roots of inspirations behind the entry of Samsung in entry-level wearable fitness devices. To put a full stop in Xiaomi’s monopoly over low price capped market Samsung is about to bring its maiden product though it’s very tough to predict how much acceptance it will receive because rumours suggest Triathlon does not have heart rate monitoring system. This is surely a big lag.

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But as we have gone through the leaks and Samsung’s product’s certifications we can assume that Triathlon SM-R150 will feature heart rate monitoring system because it has been listed under the Gear Fit SM-R350 which comes with HR system.

But the design of this Samsung fitness tracking band does not stand out from crowd. That’s the Wow factor is missing in its first impression.

Xiaomi Mi Band Vs Samsung Triathlon:

Though everyone is busy in talking that Samsung’s Triathlon will not be able to eat market share of Xiaomi due to not having heart rate sensing system built-in, it has some must note features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPU while having first in class bio processor in its heart.

OS Compatibility:

Apparently it is confirmed that Triathlon SM-R150 will be compatible with Android devices. It has yet to be confirmed whether Samsung’s new wearable gadget will run on iOS and Windows OS or not.

Samsung Triathlon SM-R150 Fitness Band Price:

Consumers become smarter than ever. They compare each and every feature and specs before hitting the Buy Now button. Here the main fear appears as Xiaomi Mi 1S backed fitness trackers feature a lot of facilities like heart rate monitoring system and that is also at very low cost, merely $20!

Trends of rumors and market research are indicating a just-a-bar-up price tag which can be around $35 on Triathlon.

Samsung Triathlon SM-R150- Release Date:

Though no official release date of Triathlon has been announced yet, an apparent guess is that it will be launched along with galaxy S7. So all the person who has decided to give this Samsung fitness tracker- Triathlon a chance, you may have to wait a long, till February 2016.

The unavailability of info about this fitness band makes it more mysterious. It’s quite obvious why Samsung does not want to reveal more about this- Keep their product’s specs hide till it hits the market of budget Wearable fitness tracker, after all it’s their key to enter the new market segment. That’s why this strategy is quite common in that sense.


A rumor has come up with another exciting thing- Triathlon will come as a freebie with Samsung Galaxy S7, though this is just in the loop of speculations only.

Features seem to be competitive and market standard. The price will decide the ultimate fate of this Samsung fitness band- Triathlon SM-R150. Let’s see how the maiden attempt of Samsung to make the consumers of low price segment wow works.


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