Samsung Gear S2: We have been contemplating about the features of Samsung’s Gear S2 from a long time. But we had no clue about its association with fashion house BALR, to launch the special edition of the smartwatch.

Special Edition of Gear S2:

Special Edition of Gear S2

This information came to the forefront only a day before the release of this watch. And the special BALR. edition of Gear S2 will be only available in Netherlands. The Samsung S2 BALR. is expected to come with a designer strap and display.

The main inspiration behind designing this special edition of the watch is the popular demand for football and football-related graphics on their watch. So BALR. edition will be a blend of two Fs i.e. fashion and football.

This is not the first time Samsung is collaborating with a renowned fashion house for launching a special edition of the watch, but the news was definitely a surprise for us. BALR.

is premium fashion brand that establish by eminent football players Gregory van der Wiel, Demy de Zeeuw and Eljero Elia. BALR. has fan followings from all over the world. So we are hopeful and even this time the BALR. edition of Samsung Gear S2 will fly off from the shelves speedily.


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