Samsung Gear VR: Samsung is a vertical company which manufactures almost everything in tech world. Wearable tech and virtual tech are considered as the most advanced gadget and most trendy too. They are about to come up with their latest VR gadget- Samsung VR 2015 which is feature-rich and claimed that it has most advanced virtual reality experience.

Let’s dig out more info about his awesome gadget- its features and specs and what new it has got into?

Samsung Gear VR 2015- Features and Specs:

Samsung Gear VR 2015- Features and Specs

With advancement of technology, gadgets are getting more compact in design and here in the Samsung Gear VR, they have reduced the size and weight both. For these reasons it is going to have lightweight (for that Samsung Gear VR will be more comfortable to wear on) and as well as comparatively smaller size.

Gear VR 2015 by Samsung- A Complete Consumer Package

This virtual reality gear by Samsung is not going to have a “developer kit” that means it’s totally user ready and the system does not have bug.

Improved Padding- More Comfort

This new version of Samsung VR 2015 is going to have a newly designed and improved straps and padding. A thing should be mentioned here that it has accentuated grooves in the side navigation level. All these things will let you control the device in more smooth way and will provide better user experience.

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There is enough space for glass also! Yes, user can accommodate their glass there as this has enough space for it and it will not bring down any quality in viewing. Once it’s plugged you are ready to go! Enjoy the virtual things around on the go!

Bring Everything in Focus with new jockey

A focus jockey is there in the front of the device to bring everything in focus. With new polish and features, Samsung Gear VR 2015 is the full-packed consumer product. It’s really very tough to resist yourself from this device!

No Heating Effect- Play your wishes

Samsung has designed it so perfectly and there is no heating effect at all! Now you can enjoy videos and play games without any worry of getting heated! Stay cool and play on!

But the tweak is here and that is you will need a Samsung smartphone to plug into this spectacular device. Galaxy S6. S6 Edge. Galaxy Edge Plus. Galaxy Note 5. All of these models are compatible with the Samsung Gear VR 2015. Just grab one on hand and wear the VR on eye, you are all set to go!

Samsung Gear VR 2015- Software and Apps

Get these hardware specs aside for a moment and get into the software that makes it run. The software is improved and has no bug almost! In no time you will gripped into amazing virtual world once plugged in. A lot of apps in the app store make the thing looks more lucrative as a package.

All these still now are impressive but without battery there will be nothing to ride on. Here is the hidden secret of the design reveals. Samsung Gear VR 2015 does not use battery, it uses the juice from your phone directly instead. If you are hardcore gamer then you can charge it though micro USB port while playing games.

Smart Sensor to detect whether you are on or off

If you take the VR Gear off from your eyes, it will go off automatically. Yes, it’s one of the new improvements comes along with VR 2015. But a problem has been detected in this system, battery draining continues even if the gear is off the face! Samsung has been working on it and it may be fixed with an update soon.

Samsung Gear VR Games:

Samsung Gear VR Games


Another astonishing feature the Samsung VR offers its users that you can play various games through it and each game comes free of cost. The best games you can play on Samsung Gear VR are HeroboundIkarus, Dreadhalls, Proton Pulse, Esper, Darknet.

Samsung Gear VR 2015- Price

On Amazon it is available at $99 only, If you wanna give this reality breaker a try then hit the buy now button and plug yourself into the virtual world before the price hike!


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