While Samsung released the next-gen Samsung Gear Smartwatch SDK for developers, it unintentionally (or the other way round) dropped a few cues about the design and hardware specs of the next-gen smartwatch which is codenamed Project Orbis. Though, it can be officially launched as Samsung Gear A.

All About Samsung Gear A:

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Samsung Gear A

The SDK comes along with proper information, explanation and information about the upcoming Samsung Gear smartwatch. The SDK kit also rolls in images that gave away the details and specifications.

Gear A Features:

As expected, the Samsung Gear smartwatch will shun its rectangular watch face and follow the footsteps of Motorola Moto 360. The metal frame and crown stand out in the details and so do the 1.18 inch round face and resolution of 360×360 pixels, which give you the pixel density of 305 ppi, reportedly higher than any Samsung Smartwatch as of now.

Engadget reports that the round screen is supposed to be 1.65 inches, making it the largest screen of any round smartwatch till date however with this resolution, it becomes a regular affair and cannot be exactly called the one with most dense pixels.

It doesn’t run on Android Wear OS but is powered by Samsung’s very own Tizen OS which reduces its likeability quite considerably.

Additionally, sensors like gyrosensor, heart rate monitor, magnetic sensor, pressure sensor and accelerometer are also expected to be on board. The connectivity options may include cellular radio, GPS and WiFi. It is expected to pack in-built 3G connectivity as well.

The upcoming Samsung smartwatch can be connected to other devices via Bluetooth. For instance, you can connect to Bluetooth headset and use it to take calls. The smartwatch is expected to do the usual such as notifying you of incoming calls or delete a message.

The rotating bezel lets you navigate and can be used to zoom in and out of the images. It can also be used to toggle between the screens and control the volume. This rotating bezel can be seen as a very thoughtful decision as it will make the interaction with the smartwatch easy and you won’t have jerk your wrist to navigate through.

Availability and Price of Samsung Gear A:

The Gear A or Project Orbis will be launched during IFA 2015 with Samsung Galaxy Note 5. IFA 2015 will take place in Berlin from September 4 – September 9. Price of Samsung Gear A could be anywhere from $300 to $380.

All in all, Gear A smartwatch aims to take on its arch-rival, Apple Watch. Hit or miss? Too soon to tell!


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