Ring Wearable Hoope: You are young and you cannot have enough of sex. There are times when your hormones go bonkers, you are way too much sexually active, have multiple partners and always at the risk of getting STDs.

And despite all the progress we have made in medicine and technology field, to detect these curable STDs (chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and trichomoniasis) one still needs to pee in a cup. Well, maybe not anymore as researchers have developed a smart STD ring that can help people to track their sexual health and provide recommendations as well as information of the tests the user should take.

Ring Wearable Hoope:

Lovely Sex Wearable for Lovely Sex Life

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The STD ring connects via Hoope app and presents you with a dashboard wherein you can see the required information. The ring has electrodes and the makers claim that the blood drawing process through retractable needle is painless. The blood is denatured through a special chemical process to reduce biowaste.
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The blood use to detect antibody detection and no additional pumps are needs. The results stay private and extremely confidential. Engadget reports that since FDA approval can be very tricky for such wearables. The makers are planning to generate funds through crowdsourcing. To get through the legal jargons, users won’t get the exact details but something vague such as ‘syphilis-like-symptoms’ while telling you to seek medical attention.

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While we doubt if people would like to flaunt it like any other ring to stay on the top of sexual health but it still seems like a good idea to encourage responsible sexual behaviour among sexually-active teenager and adults.
Via: Hoope


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