There’s a prolific market for tracking devices alongside the market for regular handheld devices like Smartphone, Tablet, Phablet and Smartwatch. Pet tracking is one of the most sought after devices. Dog and pet owners protect their deary animals with the help of mobile alerts, GPS tracking and activity monitoring.

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Pet trackers enable owners to track almost all activities of their pets. In this article, we’ll discuss one such device. The device has a fancy name: Tagg the Pet Tracker. The location notification system in the device is quite fast and accurate. Activity tracking is fun and the tracker has long battery life. It is durable too.

Since the discussion hasn’t started yet, we shouldn’t reach to the bottom line. Having said that, Tagg the Pet Tracker is very useful for all owners who are overly protective to their pets. The only downside of the device is that it’s fairly expensive. Its cost is $99.94 (Amazon Link ). And that’s not all because you’ll have to shell out $7.96 every month.


But if you think you could afford Tagg the Pet Tracker, go for it because for the upkeep of your pet, the tracker is highly useful. It will not only ensure the safety of your pet, but also inform you how much exercise they are getting through the day.

Design and Built of Tagg the Pet Tracker

The Tagg Tracker has an appearance of present day bark collar or electric fence collar. The device has an excellent white and grey body. The measurement of the body is 1.49 x 3.18 x 0.77 inches. It weighs 1.16 ounces. For dogs that are medium or large sized, Tagg Tracker is low-key. If the dog is from a smaller breed, the collar looks unwide. The tracker can be used on cats and other pets.

The built and design of the device are quite impressive. THe built is quite sturdy. It’s water-resistant so you can put it while bathing the pet. You could find a single large button on the front side of the device that is for controlling power and tracking modes. There’s a LED indicator light underneath the button. There’s a docking station for charging the device and for software updates. Collar clip and 3 month’s tracking service are also available.

The Setup Process

The initial setup will allow you to designate the home zone. You could have it stretched so a single city block or the entire neighborhood could be covered. You could receive alerts via email, text or both. You could also add more people to the alert network. The moment the pet steps outside the home zone, you’ll be notified and the precise area in the map will be shown to you. A trigger tracking mode will be automatically displayed, which will ping the Tagg Tracker keeping a gap of 3 and half minutes. The pings will you inform you about your pet’s exact location.

You can set it up online. The process is quite undemanding. First the device needs to be placed on the docking station for software upgrade and charging. At the bottom of the device, you could find its serial number. The number should be registered. Then you need to enter the billing info and provide details about your pet. Details including the pet’s name, weight, breed, etc. Once the details are provided, set up alerts and designate the home tracking zone. It won’t take more than 20 minutes of your time. If you want to reset anything, you can do it later.

When you are buying the Tagg Tracker, you are getting docking station, collar clip and 3 months’ tracking service. Once the first three months are over, you’ll be charged $7.95 every month until you discontinue the service. To add more than one pet, you’d need to pay $89.95 apiece and 0.95 a month. Not a big deal, right?


Activity Tracking

Activity tracking is the second important feature of Tagg. The process is done via the built-in accelerometer. The accelerometer determines how active the pet really is through the whole day. Devices like FitBit or Nike+ Fuel Band for pets are like Tagg. However, Tagg has its flagship system of tracking activities like climbing up the stairs, napping, wearing away the fence, etc. The activities will be quantified as Tagg Points. Users can set daily goal on Tagg website and get constant updates through the day.

An experiment done on a Labrador showed Tagg identifies it as a medium energy dog. Target Tagg points assigned on the dog in a day was 225-350. The dog was taken for a morning walk at 9 am. Activity levels increased to moderately active from resting. When the dog sat down to take rest, the level went lightly active. At 3 pm, the dog was taken to a dog park and activity level immediately surged to highly active. When the dog got back home, the level again slumped to resting status. The dog scored slightly more (353 Tagg points) than the target. The total time of activity was nearly 4 and half hours and the owner was able to keep excellent time keeping tab on the dog through the whole day.

Tagg Tracker functions wirelessly. Since all data pertaining to location and activity tracking is transmitted wirelessly, the dock is needed only to charge the device. The battery is highly efficient. It can be used for up to 30 days for a single charge. When it is almost drained, it will send alert. There are iOS and Android versions of Tagg but they can be used only for location tracking, not for activity tracking.


The tool is especially helpful if the pet owner lives in an urban setting. If the pet is inside the house, the Tagg is hardly needed. But if it struts around the house, parks or the backyard, Tagg the Pet Tracker is a good idea.

All in all, Tagg the Pet Tracker comes really handy for the safety and well-being of the pet. It is expensive, but the facilities that it offers, justifies the high price.

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