Tennis, Badminton, Pingpong and Squash. What do these games have in common apart from a racket? Pulse Play, a wearable exclusively designed for racket sports that lets the players keep track of their performance.

It is a plug-n-play wearable and with just a push on the button, it becomes the announcer as well as scorekeeper. This records your match and assigns you a score based on your performance.

It also allows you to stay social and connect with opponents, locally and internationally via Pulse Play app and within Pulse Play community. The game manager wearable gives you impromptu ranking so that you could stack yourself against each other. To track the statistics, the players need to create a profile and start recording the game.

Pulse Play for Racket Sports:

Pulse Play for Racket Sports


Pulse Play is a lightweight wristband and with a connecting app, registers the score on the mobile. Currently, it is in prototype phase and team is working to create a more user-friendly version of it, adding a LED screen to it for better visibility and extending its battery life to 15 hours.

The ‘looks’ of the wearable could also get a makeover. Adding a LED screen can make the wearable a bit heavier, so the developer team also has to focus on keeping it lightweight, the way it is now. It weighs around 32 grams currently. The wearable is water-resistant and has rechargeable battery.

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On-Court and Off-Court Game Monitoring:

On-Court and Off-Court Game Monitoring

The wearable tracks performance, on-court and off-court. On-court, it tracks score and announces it to you whereas off-court monitoring includes official ranking, review of match history and connection with other players. Both professional and amateur players can benefit from Pulse Play. Ensuring that they don’t lose focus on the game while fretting about little details such as score and performance.

The Pulse Play App:

The app is simple and opens up on a dashboard where you can see score and other data regarding your rank, opponent ranking and performance score. The data is stored in the Pulse Play cloud which is then transmitted to the wristband and in case, you score against the opponent, to the opponent’s app and band as well. The final score is added to the overall match history and ranking. The app is compatible with Android and iOS.

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Availability and Pulse Play Price

Pulse Play development is going into its 10th month now. The team is raising funds via Indiegogo and if you support it, you can get the very first racket sports wearable onto your wrist. It is available in a variety of colors such as ice blue, red crimson, snow-white, royal purple, black onyx, court green, sunshine yellow and turquoise green. The estimated shipping date is stated as September on the funding page.


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