Pivotal Band 2: We are quite familiar with buy one get one free. Companies sometimes offer free subscriptions of any premium package with the purchase of the product. Seattle based start-up comes up with a new generation activity and fitness tracker- The Pivotal Living band.

Pivotal living Band 2- Subscription-Based Business Model:

Pivotal living Band 2


They opted the same strategy as they had opted for their first product- Pivotal Living Tracker 1. The price of this fitness band is $12. On purchasing of this you will get one year subscription of company’s App Stores which includes various fitness app for Android and iOS also.

It’s doubtlessly a new model of business, a subscription-based fitness band. With $1 users can use this fitness tracker for a month. Here the tweak comes; all the updates of OS and apps will be rolled out for free.

Pivotal Living Band 2- Price and Subscription Charges:

The first Pivotal living band which was $12 in market in 2014 but at that time it was available for US buyers only. This time they are going Global with their new Pivotal band 2. They already started rolling out Pivotal Band 2 in UK through e-commerce giant Amazon launchpad that is a whole new innovative platform where start-ups can sell their products.

Pivotal Living Band 2 UK Price:

In UK, it has a price tag of £15 that means users will be charged £1 plus some pennies for a month subscription! So by this you are getting this band at free of cost and you are just paying the monthly subscription fee!

Pivotal Living Band 2- Features:

Pivotal Living Band 2- Features


Let’s have a look on the features of the new Pivotal Living Band 2. It has a classically designed black wristband while having a OLED display on the top. Apart from its time keeping feature it will give you the data related to your workout- steps taken, calorie burnt during exercise. Count your efficiency with the stop watch in built. Even while you are sleeping it keeps tracking your sleeping patterns and compares the patterns with previous nights.

If you are thinking that that’s enough and it works like the other entire fitness band then you are absolutely wrong. Even alerts like hydration and nutrition levels with water intake are shown in this band. Another special feature of this band is the “Silent Alarm”. It’s nothing but a vibration during alarm time without any sound.

You can go on hard core or workout session as this is water resistant and the battery lasts for a week. You can sync all the data in your smartphone if your phonr runs on Android 4.3 or up or in iOS 8.

Seeing the trend of this new business model, some people are winding up the rumors that this can be a Xiaomi Mi Band 1S killer as Pivotal Living Band offers advanced app integration with free new updates of apps. A point to be noted that you can install the app you want in the subscription period and though there are some preinstalled apps, you can remove and replace them with the app you wish to have.

If you are looking for a versatile fitness tracker band with full of features then Pivotal Living Band can fulfil all the needs you want. In such a low price it’s an amazing band to go on work out with.

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