You might be just one shock away from getting rid of the bad habit that you know is wrong but don’t or can’t do anything about. If you lack self-control or willpower, then try the easier way out. Go for Pavlok, which is a habit-changing device.

This wearable claims to transform you with the help of its one-button shock system. Whether it’s the nail-biting habit that bugs you or the lethal smoking, it will break the bad habits and train your stubborn brain through a mild vibration, beep and shock.

The wearable has quite a database of bad habits but if you are way too original and have something that isn’t listed, you can do that quite easily.


PavlokThe degree of shocks also varies from the strength of pinprick to quite strong. Just to let you know wearing Pavlok doesn’t mean that you are exposed in a high voltage area. The shocks from the habit-changing device at the most are static yet noticeable.

While it starts with shock, the Pavlok, as you move towards the goal, also rewards you and keeps you motivated along the way. And it is just not a habit-changing device and wrist-based wearable; it can also keep a track of your sleep and activity. Its haptic feedback alerts are real-time and enhanced.

Pavlok Features:

Pavlok Features


The reminder and shocks trigger your brain to break away from bad habits. From surfing habits to not being able to wake up early, a few shocks are all it takes! And you are covered for everything imaginable and unimaginable with Pavlok.

This wrist-based personal coach wearable connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth LE. The compatible app, Pavlok app lets you choose your goals, be it breaking the bad or doing the good. You manage your action and choose a commitment level while each day, minute by minute Pavlok pushes you towards the goals. The app is compatible with iOS and android.

Pavlok helps the brain to form a new neural path to form a good habit or break the bad one. As you receive shock, the same is conveyed to the brain and hence, the process becomes automated.

Your success rate to achieve something is backed up by the automation, accountability and commitment of the wearable. And the wearable is social too as it helps you to find new connected friends in the journey.

Once you have chosen a commitment level, you can earn money when you succeed it and if you don’t, you need to give them money or they get to shock you. The Pavlok can also post on social media on your behalf just in case if you miss.

A variety of APIs and algorithms are used to keep tabs on you and to make sure that you don’t cheat. Once you have logged-in, set the real goals and then don’t wear the device deliberately, you get punishment!


You can connect the wearable to several third-party apps such as GPS or RunKeeper. The IFTTT integration is also on-board to expand the horizon such as by shocking you when you text your ex-lover or when you stay inactive for long time.

The wearable can deliver up to 200 shocks that is 4-day run on a single full charge.
The Pavlok production unit is available for $249.99 while the production unit can be purchased at just $199. Promo code of $62 is also being offered.


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