OMsignal Biometric: can be termed as the next level of wearable. Or of clothes. Or both. OMsignal doesn’t offer its functions as separate entity. It does not give you a separate device to be slapped upon your wrist but it tweaks the clothes and connects ‘em up. The most basic thing you cannot do without gets connected.

It somehow looks like a neoprene wetsuit that is made of different textures such as nylon, elastane and polyester. It has soft, smooth finish that feels comfortable on your skin. OMsignal sells three different kits under the names of Up & Running kit, Fitness Fanatic kit and Regular Routine kit. The range is now equipped with its full-fledged and certified Biometric Training Platform including black box and app that can be used to track and analyze their fitness data.

OMsignal biometric Smartwear:

OMsignal biometric smartwear:

The OMsignal shirt can track heart rate, breathing depth, breathing rate, activity intensity, steps walked and calories burnt. This can also focus on target heart rate zones and heart rate recovery after intense workouts. It measures stress and psychological data too. It is not water-proof so, if your activity is swimming, it is not for you.

Though, it can withstand some light sprinkles. The shirt is machine washable but the black box that tracks your data needs to be detached before the laundry. The box is water-resistant though and can bear sweat like any other fitness gear but diving in a pool with it means, faring it a goodbye. Its battery can last about 2-3 days on continuous usage.

OMsignal Biometric Smartwear Features:

OMsignal biometric smartwear features

The black box is connected via Bluetooth to your phone and sends the information in real-time to the dashboard without any lag. The biometric shirts are only iOS (iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5, 5S, 5C and 4S, iPod Touch, 5th generation) compatible as of now.

The OM Fuel monitors and showcases information regarding the time you should hold your breath before you start running again. OM RPM shows you the level of physiological stress and focus. The relayed data remains private and secure for your eyes only.

All the four high-performance compression shirts are equipped with sensors that track your biometric data real-time and send it to the dashboard via OMsignal app. The app relays the information into user-friendly insights that can help you to improve your performance, do better and achieve more on the fitness front. The shirts are anti-microbial, skin-fit, stretchable and moisture-absorbent.

OMsignal shirt is available for men only. According to the company, the design team is working on a female-centric design that will fit a woman’s body perfectly. The four different styles are available for men, sleeveless t-shirt, full-sleeves shirt, casual t-shirt and undershirt. The shirt needs to be in touch with your skin and you can wear it underneath your office formals too.

The shirts are available in six different colors such as black, gray and in a combination of indigo and orange stitches. The sizes available are from small to XL.


The OMsignal Up & Running Kit comprising a shirt of any style and black box will be available for $240. Regular Kit will have 2 shirts of your choice with a black box and is priced at $340. The Fitness Fanatic Kit has 4 shirts plus a black box and can be purchased at $450.

If you want to purchase an OMsignal biometric shirt separately, you need to pay anywhere from $100-$140 for the style you want. The black box can also be purchased individually and can be attached with any biometric shirt. The black box’s cost is $140.

The product is available for pre-orders and shipping time may vary in accordance with your location.


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