Nymi Band: Passwords are very tricky to remember and can be hacked easily. Moreover, the security questions that came along to change or reset the passwords are real pain. And if you choose something like a name or date as the password, it is way too easy to guess for the hackers and phishers.

To help you out in the insecure times of remembering too many passwords and preventing yourself from the online forgeries, Nymi Band is here. Made of hypoallergenic material, this lightweight band offers you both convenience and security.

Nymi Band:

Nymi Band


It can seamlessly unlock devices and remember passwords. Not just this, it uses a patented biometric technology, HeartID, the wearer’s heartbeat as the unique ID, and identifies him. So, if you use multiple passwords for credit cards or to login into your e-mail accounts, you can bid the farewell to the memory anxiety for good now.

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Nymi Band utilizes encrypted hardware that ensures safety and security for the communications. It also has a haptics feedback motor for vibrations. Apart from this, it is equipped with sensors like accelerometer and gyroscope.

The three status LED indicator lights tell you the status of battery and alerts you of incoming texts or calls. If the band is removed from your hand or cut forcibly, it is disabled automatically. It doesn’t store any information on the band, so you are secured on that front too.

In case, you have a medical condition and have irregular heartbeat, it isn’t much of a concern as the Nymi Band measures ECG wave and not the exact heart rate to identify you. You can record any variations in the heartbeat through the Nymi companion app.

Nymi Band Features:

Nymi Band Features


The band can withstand some splashes yet you cannot take it to shower and for a swim. It is also a gesture control band and can be used to unlock the connected door.

For developers, there is a special Nymi Discovery kit that lets you create apps to extend the scope of it. Nymi Band is available in three color options namely, Frost, Carbon and Lava. Two adjustable sizes are offered by the OEM.

The dev kit is available for purchase for $149 with a larger band size of 7.5”. However, the rest of regular versions will be shipped when “ready” and can be pre-ordered at the special prize of $79. In the box, you will find a Nymi Band, a USB charge cable and Bluetooth module.

As of now, the Nymi Band can be experienced on smartphones, computers and websites. It is compatible with Android smartphones. The Windows and iPhone compatibility will be announced soon. In the near future, the team wants to extend its function to payments and personalized experiences. Recently, Nymi has tied up with RBC and MasterCard for the world’s first ever biometrically-authenticated Wearable Payment Pilot.

Though Hailfax becomes the first UK bank to test Nymi band and has used the heartbeat as a metric to make online transactions and payments safer. The heartbeat needs to be stored on the Nymi Band. The Band will be connected with the smartphone and the banking app via Bluetooth. The customers would then need to touch the top sensor with the opposite hand, which will be detected by the band and if it fails to recognize the heartbeat, it will shut down the device.

There isn’t any official news on the shipping date and the official website says it will be updated as soon as it will be available.


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