Nokia Smartwatch: Nokia, once the most watched-out for smartphone manufacturer, met a tragic fate. We all have at least once used Nokia phones until Microsoft acquired it and killed even the hopes of a comeback with the non-creative and unimaginative Windows Lumia series.

Nokia Smartwatch:-

Nokia Smartwatch

In this age of wearables, Nokia could have been a game-changer or at least we want to believe this. If you also could not help but wonder how Nokia would have attempted a wearable, a fitness band or smartwatch, the leading publication Verge has some information to share.

It reveals news about a cancelled Microsoft Moonraker project that aimed to work with Microsoft’s Windows-based phone and also brought some relevant features and Metro interface on-board. The pictures were also published on Tumblr blog by Microsoft designer Pei-Chi Hsieh but are now deleted.

Famous leakster Evan Bliss first revealed the images and to be honest, the images of a multi-colored smartwatch with round corners don’t look half as bad. Engadget thinks that it looks pretty close to Apple Watch! And we at Weararena couldn’t agree more!

It has also been informed that unlike the flop Microsoft Band, which is full of sensors, the cancelled Microsoft smartwatch was meant to do traditional tasks including notifications of incoming calls and messages.

It was also supposed to remotely active the phone camera. The integration of Facebook and MixRadio apps were on-board too. While these features seem pretty basic now as we write, the time we are talking about was when the wearables were relatively a newer concept. Customized watch faces and interchangeable straps were also offered.

And if you are thinking that why Microsoft dumped the whole idea of manufacturing a smartwatch under Moonraker project, because it went ahead with the idea of Microsoft Band! Yes, talk about bad decision.

Though, it is very unlikely that Project Moonraker would ever see a light of the day as the Redmond Company is reportedly working on the next generation of Microsoft band, trying to keep pace with tech and fashion aspects as in trend with wearables today.


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